TODAY   |  September 23, 2012

SVU star: New season has ‘backstabbings and blackmail’

Danny Pino of “Law & Order: SVU” spoke of the “gritty and intense” show that will premiere Wednesday. Keep an eye out for TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe when she makes her cameo appearance.

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>>> "law & order: svu" is entering its 14th season, just celebrated filming its 300th episode.

>>> here thousand with a preview of the two-hour bring pre mere is danny pino . danny, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> the show is in its 14th season. this is your second season. do you feel like you sort of hit your stride at this point?

>> i think comparatively the last season absolutely. last season was like an introductory season for myself. i think this season is really developmental for the character so, yeah, we're hitting our stride.

>> a heck of a cliffhanger. the captain wakes up with a dead body in his bed. is a lot going to get explained in this two-hour premiere?

>> you bet. there's a lot of mystery. a lot of betrayal. some back stabbing. some blackmail. yeah, it's going to make for a great two hours.

>> now that you're a part of it, can you explain what the fascination is with the show? people love it with a passion.

>> especially new yorkers, i think. it's the quintessential new york show. i think that it's gritty. it's intense. it's very naturalistic. so people love to follow along and try and solve it before we do.

>> the perfect show for a certain someone.

>> i wanted to ask about your special episode coming up. are there guest stars or anyone special on the show in a special way that you can talk about in any kind of a special sense ?

>> no one is really special. somebody who looks a lot like you in it, though.

>> i made my "svu" debut.

>> you got that right.

>> i got it right this time.

>> no, it was perfect.

>> a reputation here for being difficult. i assume you saw some of that.

>> incredibly difficult. she was asking for water when she was one in her hand already.

>> crazy, i was hungry. everyone was so nice to me. you have such a great ensemble cast . do you enjoy it as much as we enjoy watching it?

>> absolutely. i enjoy going to work every day. you look very comfortable and confident up there. you are in front of cameras all day.

>> sometimes. not all the time.

>> really?

>> the challenges of shooting on location in new york , does it ever get tough? it we deal with crowds here but we're not trying to film a drama.

>> we deal with sensitive issues and when you're in the middle of at scene and hear someone scream ice tea it ruins the moment. it's also fun. fun to be on the streets in new york .

>> danny, we should mention you