TODAY   |  September 18, 2012

The 1,700-calorie burger that could ruin your diet

David Zinczenko, author of “Eat This, Not That,” shows some of the highest calorie restaurant burgers, salads and appetizers, and offers healthy alternatives.

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>>> back now at 7:44 with "eat this, not that." for five years dave has been enlightening diners on the calorie count of some of our favorite meals. his latest book is "eat this, not that 2013 , the new diet weight loss solution." you've been at this for a while. is there any progress?

>> every restaurant serves up information. if you can choose, can you lose. mcdonald's is dishing this up now.

>> still there's work to do. this is the baja fresh enchilada chicken style nacho breatho. tell me about it.

>> 1,180 calories. how do you say kitchen sink in spanish? this right here has 82 grams of fat. two days worth of saturated fat and three days worth of sodium. it is the equivalent of eating 15 ho hos .

>> okay. if you're at baja fresh , go with the steak tacos, 460 calories. you're going to end up saving almost 1,500 calories with that healthier option. that's a half a pound of fat.

>> wow. next one from ihop. a salad that is a salad in name only, i guess.

>> and you think, hey, i'm doing something great. this is a healthy option. what it turns out to be is worse than any burger on their menu, okay? it has 1,530 calories. it has 111 grams of fat, 30 grams of saturated fat . they said they were going to make it healthier. they cut 70 calories out but quadrupled the trans fat . that is not a good solution. equal to seven mac and cheese polls. get the double blt, 460 calories. if you make that swap twice a year you'll save 32 pounds.

>> what's this delicious thing we're looking at?

>> chilies, a warning, do not ever have more than three barnyard animals in your entre, okay. this is 1,730 calories. it's 105 grams of fat, and it's 4,500 milligrams of sodium, again three days worth of sodium, the equivalent of a dozen oscar meyer cheese dogs .

>> that's a cheese dog .

>> not a vegetable in sight.

>> that's a healthier option.

>> customize this with two sides, get your broccoli and rice, 500 calories. you're saving 1,200 calories, a third of a pound of body fat with that one meal.

>> all right, all right. the bloomin' onion, applebee's, your favorite.

>> outback steakhouse , a standard onion that's 60 calories and turned it into 1,900. we have 1,900 unaccounted calories that we have to try to figure out what happened, to and you've got 161 grams of fat, two and a half days of saturated fat .

>> just like these funions, have the healthy shrimp instead.

>> shot of the protein.

>> how many calories are in your cheesy lime? i live