TODAY   |  September 07, 2012

‘Morning Joe’ on president’s speech

TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie talks to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough about the differences between the Democratic and Republican national conventions -- particularly the presidential candidates’ speeches -- and whether or not each party made the most of their respective events.

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>> much. joe scarborough , the host of morning joe on nbc. he's in charlotte. good morning to you.

>> good morning. i'm in charlotte and i'm in a bar.

>> so situation normal, nothing different for you, joe. let's talk about that speech last night. obviously obama landed on the political scene in 2004 , four years ago saw him in denver going strong . yesterday we saw a different approach, not the soaring oratory, given the democrats' past-of- inspiring enthusiasm among voters. did he deliver?

>> he certainly delivered in the convention hall , excited his base. did we see anything new from barack obama , any proposals with a mandate going forward? no. as we said before hand, as jeff greenfield said before on the set, they weren't swinging for the fences. michelle obama , bill clinton set this president up well. they believe they were going to believe mitt romney this fall, so they decided they didn't have to take a lot of chances. the president didn't take a lot of chances but he did what he needed to do. if this is going to be an election, much like 2004 , where you had a president below 50%, george w. bush and they inspired their base. i think if you just look at it through that lens, the president did exactly what he needed to do last night.

>> you obviously were in charlotte all week, tampa the week before. pound for pound , speech for speech, make a call, who had the better convention and who the most riding on it?

>> good lord, pound for pound , round for round, this wasn't aly versus frasier it was muhammed ali versus wepner. you could tell from the first night when michelle obama came up there and gave a remarkable speech, one of the best speeches i've heard from a first lady that this was going to be a convention that was focused on explaining why barack obama made a difference. between michelle obama and bill clinton , joe widen gave a great speech last night. they all hit home runs, they all hit it out of the park where you had a republican convention that was trying to figure out how to love mitt romney . it really was problematic for a convention in tampa that just wasn't excited about their nominee. you felt that in tampa but here in charlotte you certainly from the first day felt the love for their nominee.

>> joe scarborough in a bar in charlotte, i'm going to pretend i got that chuck wepner reference.

>> look that up. thank you, savannah.