TODAY   |  September 05, 2012

She ‘nailed’ it! Mrs. O’s gray polish gets raves

Many people say that Michelle Obama gave a spectacular speech at last night’s Democratic National Convention, but what’s getting buzz online is her trendy manicure with people itching to find out the color of her nail polish. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> the convention. focus on her gray blue nails. some calling the shade unexpected, trendy. one person said it is sure to spark a craze if we ever figure out the shade and the brand she chose. matt, al, tamron, i'm going to take a stab at the name, "50 shades of grey." just putting it out there. one of the nail salons can call it.

>> it's called fair and balanced . i'm not kidding.

>> you can only put it on your right hand.

>> wow. wow. wow. we went from bedroom reading to --