TODAY   |  May 09, 2012

Who was nominated for Daytime Emmys?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Entertainment Weekly’s Jessica Shaw, discuss actors, actresses and shows nominated for the 39th annual Daytime Emmys.

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>>> it's a very big day in the world of soap op sxras talk 39th annual daytime emmys are being a nouned today.

>> that is right.

>> "all my years" is --

>> after years.

>> outstanding lead actress in a drammy searies.

>> we have crystal chappelle of days of our lives .

>> debbie morgan "all my children." erika slezak "one life to live," heather tom ." who is missing? susan lucci . 21 nominations in her run and did not get nominated in her last year.

>> not nice.

>> outstanding lead actor in a drama series . maurice bernard, general hospital . anthony geary " general hospital ." john mccook " the bold and the beautiful " darnell williams ." those guys have been doing these for years and years and years.

>> how about nominees for outstanding morning program.

>> who do you think that might be?

>> a little show called the "today" show and "good morning america" and congratulations "today" got six nominations in 2011 and 2010 . if you're putting money on it.

>> hopefully these things come in threes.

>> outstanding talk show , the informative kind.

>> are we on that one?

>> why aren't we there is what i want to know.

>> you are informative. "anderson." "the dr. oz show" and "the doctors." this is anderson cooper 's first year.

>> how about outstanding talk show host .

>> once again, anderson cooper , dr. oz, regis and kelly. rachael ray and all six co-hosts of "the doctors."

>> that left out "the view."

>> and "ellen." ellen's show got nominated, but she did not get nominated for a host so we'll see.

>> that's weird.

>> can we say a quick shoutout to because we were nominated at -- remember this thing we did? trying to introduce the brand new website and we were drinking and apparently that got an emmy nomination .

>> it did.

>> and -- i can't believe that got an emmy nomination , right?

>> the category of new innovative things that we're doing.

>> that was great!

>> you know, it just makes me miss my hair every time we go back to that!

>> all right. thank you.

>> think thanks, jessica. you can see a full list of the nominees at

>> how embarrassing if we didn't get nominated. we would have