Image: Jennifer Steketee
Ben Swan / AP

TODAY   |  May 08, 2012

Sad mews: Meow, the 39-pound cat, dies

Meow, the 39-pound cat that won the nation’s affection after his appearance on the TODAY show, died on Saturday of weight-related complications. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> and some sad news to tell you about this morning. after he curled up on our couch and won nationwide affection for tipping the scales at 39 pounds, meow the cat has died. the santa fe humane society had taken in the tubby tabby after his elderly owner could no longer take care of him. he'd been put on a diet and started to lose weight but he died on saturday of weight-related complications. matt, ann and al, the santa fe humane society said a huge thanks to all who loved him, and, you know, for their support.