TODAY   |  January 13, 2012

6 tips for a beautiful baby room

Author Frank Fontana shares how you can add creative touches to your baby’s room by adding borders and stencils to the walls and using designer bedding, all without breaking the bank.

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>> a hardy crowd still outside. experiencing the wave. right outside of our window. they're wishing us a happy 60th birthday. time for "today's moms atted and how to design your dream nursery on a budget.

>> frank fontana is here to show us how. you have a new addition.

>> this little guy.

>> my little boy . this is luca .

>> he's beautiful.

>> first of all, happy 60 to you guys.

>> thank you. two months or --

>> five months. i was supposed to be here five times ago but he kept me being a dad.

>> welcome to parenthood.

>> it's a journey. what it's done is inspired me to dig into baby room decor, and that's what i want to show you guys. i'll show you some things i did in his room. i call this the name frame. a simple concept of putting letters on the wall, which most parents do, to the next level, a little class. took moulding from the local hardware store .

>> not expensive.

>> cheaper than wood. i didn't use one nail or screw. just a little glue.

>> that's the end of it right there.

>> what's cool is this. most letters you get from a hobby store , they're simple. a website called craft cuts will take any font you can imagine off their website and custom create letters for you.

>> love it.

>> next is, you know, embellishing the wall. you want to go more, it's a kids' site. has fabulous, amazing decor. they have all sorts of stencils starting at ten bucks. i love this. cute. fleur-de-lis look to it. basic but cool. adds a little pop to the wall. as far as accessories, you can see the giant safety pin i love.

>> adorable.

>> poshtolts does rugs and the great owl canvases up top, pretty sweet.

>> the changing table.

>> let's talk changing table. you have to have one.

>> they are going to poop.

>> they are going to poop and it's messy. so -- i got peeed on the other day by the way.

>> isn't that fun?

>> it was the first -- it was a mess. the changing tables come in two forms. you can either get just the pad if you have an existing dresser or pottery barn kids putts out one that gets attached. as you get older, you pop it you have and you have a dresser that moves into the rest of their life, pretty awesome. let's talk about cribs.

>> let's do it.

>> this is from target. this is the baby leno mercer three in one. another one that transitions into a multifunctional style going from a crib to a day bed into a full-blown toddler bed , which is nice. it comes with storage underneath. they also outlawed the bumpers.

>> yeah.

>> big deal . chicago, where i live, the first state to actually take them off. so has created sheets that have a decorative graphic on the side so it gives you a little style to match with the rest of your room. finally, this is something i did in my little luca 's room.

>> of course you did.

>> look at your little luca .

>> getting big.

>> remember what you used to think was important in life?

>> nothing compared to having a kid. it's like -- it trumps all. this -- i painted this. this is just a replica. i did this on the wall like ten times bigger. it's called the tree of life . it's a great way to document his growth throughout time. i got my father, me, my wife, and, you know, this is right before actually having the baby.

>> wow.

>> which was a tense moment.

>> you look really bad there.

>> oh, god. seen some bad days .

>> continue gralts again on your little boy .

>> great ideas. great ideas.

>> thank you so much.

>>> next week, we'll meet the winners of our cutest pet contest.