TODAY   |  August 30, 2011

Fire up the grill for Asian-inspired steak, chicken

Chef Michael Schulson shows how to add Asian flare to hum-drum barbecue with recipes for Japanese steak.

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>>> going to "today's" kitchen, easys a one, two, three. japanese style grilling. want to spice up your labor day barbecue, the chef in atlantic city at the hotel is here with ancient inspired flavors. good to see you.

>> good to see you again.

>> your hotel restaurant has survived irene okay?

>> it did. the one in philadelphia had a little bit more damage than the one at the beach but it's all good. we're going to teach you how to grill. simple stuff. things you can go at the house. different concept than regular grilling because you want to use a low heat and do it slowly.

>> there is good for inside grilling?

>> great. first thing here, we have a marinade for the beef. you can use a filet, new york strip. i have a filet here. lemon, chili, garlic, soy sauce in there.

>> all of it?

>> all of it. and some water. all you do is grab a filet. you want to soak the skewer so they don't burn. whatever you cup, whether it's chicken, beef, shrimp, try and get it to be the same size because when you put it on the skewer, it grills evenly. you've done this before?

>> just kind of figured it out.

>> good. we have the beef that's marinated.

>> for how long?

>> five or six hours. in the fridge, there is lemon in there. so you don't want to marinade it too long.

>> the citrus will --

>> it will cook it. and then this is what you have. really simply, you just throw it on the grill.

>> a little meat lollipop.

>> exactly. this is really, really good for the kids. the kids love things on a stick. you don't realize. we serve it here with an apricot mustard sauce . pureed up apricots. i like to eat a little bit healthier. this is good and healthy for you.

>> nice and lean.

>> let me take you down to the next.

>> okay.

>> all we have here is really simple, chicken breast . i like to use the size that has a little more flavor. and what i did here is i marinaded it to grape seed oil , shallots and garlic. american n americ marinade it for 24 hours . we're going to make mustard aoli, kind of like when you go to china town you know that mustard?

>> yeah.

>> that's the perfect mustard. we have mustard and reconversatior reconstituted in water. it changes flavor completely. let it set for an hour. we have a yolk in here. some yolk. we're going to put the mustard in there. a little bit of lemon juice because it's all about balancing flavors. you want to have the sweetness, the spiciness, all that stuff. put the cover on. you always want to put the cover on.

>> that's always good.

>> okay. throw it on nice and slow. what you're going to do is you're just going to slowly add the oil. this is going to make an emulsion. emulsion is something that's going to come together that's binding.

>> like a mayonnaise.

>> exactly. exactly. really simple.

>> all right. i can see it.

>> you can just turn the speed up a little bit. all right.

>> it's alive!

>> nice. one of the things as it gets thicker if you want it to be a little bit less thick, see that?

>> uh-huh.

>> you can add a little bit of water to it. let me take you in the back here.

>> let's go back.

>> this is the aoli that you have here.

>> nice.

>> i'm going show you a little trick to plating. you always want everybody to look beautiful.

>> sure.

>> put it down, smear it.

>> it's like a shmear.

>> a little bit of chicken on there.

>> yum.

>> how are you doing?

>> here we have a mystery salad, which is done can carrots, pureed up, butter, lemon. this is pork with a bing cherry relish.

>> bing!

>> and filet with the apricots and chicken. simple, great, easy to do at home.

>> fantastic.

>> meat on a stick. thank you so much.

>>> still to come, the warning