TODAY   |  December 06, 2010

Utah mom’s disappearance, a year later

Utah mother Susan Powell vanished a year ago and her case continues to baffle family members, who believe she may have run off with another man. 

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>>> now to the baffling disappearance of susan powell , a utah mother who vanished one year ago. we'll talk to her parents in a moment. but miguel is there with the latest on the case.

>> reporter: tomorrow susan 's family will mark the one-year anniversary of her disappearance here in utah and also in washington state where she grew up. this has her husband boasts his own theory about what happened to his wife. memories, all susan powell 's family has left. in utah , a december night, susan vanished. josh pow well, susan 's husband says he took his sons camping at 12:30 in the morning in a snowstorm on december 7. detectives named josh powell a person of interest. search warrants were served at their home, boxes of evidence hauled away. but josh's father steve powell now tells nbc news susan left on her own, purposely choosing that night to disappear.

>> oh, yeah, i think it was definitely orchestrated. this whole idea for example that josh went out on an inclement tight night to take the boys fishing, he's done that before and he was very much aware that he would do it again. and when he did it again, it was probably the perfect time to make the slip. susan left behind journals that described a troubled past, an unstable state of mind . a journal powell says not yet seen by police.

>> when you read susan 's journals she had this total buy bifurcation between her life. that somebody may be this man, steven kosher, he lived in utah and went missing within days of susan . josh powell offered no details on how the two may have known each other, but suggests they could be in brazil. kosher's family denies the theory.

>> i think it's quite ludicrous.

>> even josh's sister doesn't buy her story. she says susan would never leave her children.

>> i believe that josh was responsible for her disappearance.

>> reporter: now with no arrests in the case a year has passed, all susan 's family can go is hope and pray. a loving mom who vanished, a year later, still no sign of susan powell . in the weeks following susan 's disappearance, josh has moved -- he will not be at any of this week's tributes.

>> judy and chuck cox are susan powell 's parents. good morning to you both. thanks for being with us. i know this has been a devastatingly long year without any sign of your daughter. judy and chuck, how are you both holding up?

>> we take one day at a time.

>> and what do you make -- go ahead, sir.

>> i just said it's been a long year and we are still waiting for some word and we still expect to have some word to where she may be.

>> what is your response to this latest allegation made by your son-in-law josh powell who says she may have run off to brazil with a man named stephen kosher who disappeared around the same time.

>> this is ridiculous. the police are aware of this obviously, and we know this has been looked into. it just does not fit. my daughter loved her chu e ed her child ren and she didn't leave of her own accord.

>> the police say they cannot find a link between the two. so your thoughts on that?

>> i think they have checked out and i think they dismissed it. i know that they're working hard.

>> have you been in touch at all with the kosher family, have you talked with them about this?

>> no, actually what i did a little research last night and evidently they knew more about what the police were looking at than we have. but, no, we haven't been in contact with the kosher family.

>> meanwhile susan father-in-law steve powell as you heard alla he said. he indicated that susan kept a journal and she talked and wrote about having issues, emotional -- mental illness and a troubled childhood. what can you tell us about that? judy , did you know, did your daughter suffer with emotional problems? did she have a troubled childhood?

>> i don't believe she suffered in her childhood. she was a happy child. she was very friendly, she made lots of friends and she was what you would quote, i guess a people person. and she made friends quickly, she was not afraid to talk to people, introduce herself and i think she enjoyed meeting people. so, no, she was not a troubled child. she had lots of fun. did a lot of things like other kids and she made set goals and worked on those goals.

>> meanwhile, chuck, josh powell told nbc news that he had nothing to do with susan 's disappearance. what do you think happened to your daughter now a year later?

>> well, if i can go to the journals for a second. those journals were personal property and encouraged for our children to write so that their children could read what their mother felt when she was their age. and they were back, i believe, starting when she was like 12 years old and we are very upset that we do not have the property of our daughter, that the powells have kept those. and those are the writings of a 12-year-old girl and i don't know what's in them, have never seen them. i wouldn't look at them because that was her diary almost if you will, some of that stuff. we believe -- or i know that that did not happen that she did not take off with anybody, she's dedicated to her family and she's missing. and the story that josh powell 's come up with is just not believable.

>> judy and chuck cox, again, our thoughts are with you and we're hoping and praying for some good news.