TODAY   |  June 18, 2010

Al learns about Butterbeer, pumpkin juice

TODAY's Al Roker talks with chef Steve Jayson about two special treats at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Butterbeer and pumpkin juice.

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AL ROKER reporting: I got to tell you, that looks pretty refreshing right about now, guys. But another thing that's very refreshing, butterbeer. That's right . The iconic drink that is a delicacy here in Hogsmeade was created by Mr. Steve Jason . He is the executive chef here at Hogsmeade . Steve , good to see you.

Mr. STEVE JASON: Good morning, Al . Good to see you.

ROKER: Now, how does a guy from Brooklyn end up in Hogsmeade ?

Mr. JASON: Good question.

ROKER: Hey, tell me, so butterbeer, what goes into it?

Mr. JASON: Butterbeer is a lot of great flavors and a lot of -- we looked in the book, we tried to get a feeling for what we wanted it to be. We put all the ingredients on the table, we worked on it. After 15, 16 tries we got something really great. We flew it over to Edinburgh , we gave it to the author, she gave it to...

ROKER: J.K. Rowling had this?

Mr. JASON: Yes, she loved it.

ROKER: And this is butterbeer?

Mr. JASON: And this is butterbeer.

ROKER: All right, cheers.

Mr. JASON: Cheers to you.

ROKER: Mm. That's good butterbeer. Mm, I like it.

Mr. JASON: You like that?

ROKER: What's the other drink you've got here?

Mr. JASON: I got a little pumpkin juice over here.

ROKER: Pumpkin juice?

Mr. JASON: Another one that we had to create and take over to J.K.

ROKER: Mm-hmm.