TODAY   |  April 28, 2010

No bitterness between Bullock, James?

People magazine’s Galina Espinoza says Sandra Bullock speaks fondly of Jesse James in an exclusive interview and says she plans to continue to co-parent with her ex, but has filed to adopt as a single parent.

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>> al, thank you.

>>> now to the sandra bullock bombshell. for the first time since her split with husband jesse james , after revelations he cheated, bullock is speaking out now saying she and james have secretly adopted a baby boy in january. she also says she has filed for divorce. all the details in the upcoming edition of "people" magazine. the senior editor is here. galina, good morning. wow. what a cover story and just the interview, photos, so beautiful, so touching.

>> she really reveals a lot. and she talks about everything that she's been feeling. you can't even imagine the roller coaster of emotions she has been experiencing these last few months. first becoming a mom to an adopted boy from new orleans . and then discovering that her marriage was not what she thought it was. she was completely caught off guard by those revelations. and now just experiencing the joy that comes with having this baby in her life.

>> the interview as much pain as she's gone through in the last couple of months, you do get a sense of just her enjoying the new -- being a new mom again and just enjoying those sleepless nights . but let's talk about why first she decided to adopt louis . how did this little boy come into her life? she adopted him from new orleans as a newborn.

>> right. she had spent a lot of time in new orleans after hurricane katrina and just felt this real bond to that city. and she and jesse actually began this process of adoption about four years ago. so the baby has been a long time in coming. she said the timing was just insane. she got the call in january that we have an infant for you. of course she was in the middle of awards season.

>> she kept it all a surprise.

>> that's exactly why.

>> it is unbelievable in this day and age where everything is for celebrities you're living your life in the public eye . she was able -- and they were able to really keep this under wraps.

>> that was really important to her because of all the attention she was under during awards season. she didn't want that energy around the baby. she really felt so protective of him and didn't want him to be exposed to any of that. she was able to keep him safe from it.

>> she describes it as sort of a cia covert operation with cars moving them around, only being able to leave the house to go for a doctor.

>> when she was being fitted for gowns at the oscars, people she'd known for years, she'd say i'll just meet you down the street. they didn't understand why they couldn't come visit her.

>> then in march the explosive news that her husband had been cheating . talk to me about how she found out. as you said, she was completely blind-sided.

>> she got a phone call .

>> from a tabloid reporter.

>> she says up until that point she had had no idea. her first instinct was i have to get louis out of here. reacting like any mother would, my child comes first, this is not going to be a great environment for him because everyone's going to be -- she called it the vultures are going to descend, she put it. she packed a few clothes for herself, for the baby and she fled the house.

>> she's been living i guess in the circle of friends , family, very loving circle of people.

>> she says she's been in hiding basically because she wanted to stay isolated from everything that's been going on. she's been in this perfect little bubble. but of course she is excited to share the news with her family and friends .

>> is that why she decided to do the interview?

>> absolutely. she says she's looking forward to going outside in the sunshine with her baby, taking him to the park. she hasn't been able to have those experiences yet and she's finally ready to do so.

>> she says she's going to be a single parent to louis .

>> she does.

>> but she's going to continue to be a co-parent to jesse james ' three other children. what do we know about their relationship going forward?

>> what's amaze sthag there is no bitterness in this interview. there is no anger. she talks very lovingly about jesse as a parent. he of course has three children from previous relationships and she feels like a mother to them and they will continue to co-parent those children and he will continue to have a role in lou louis ' life. but she is finalizing the adoption as a single parent .

>> as she also said in the interview, she's going through a divorce, too. she talked about that as being very sad and a very scary thing.

>> she says my life is not what i expected it would be, not what i dreamed up. but i am moving forward and i have this incredible joy with louis . she talks about the timing initially being so crazy happening in january when her world was kind of out of control.

>> about the ups and downs of life.

>> yeah. but now she feels like it was all meant to be and she was meant to have this baby at this time in her life.

>> the tone of the interview was amaze. "we wouldn't know the sweet moments in life unless i have the pain. and painfully, i'm going to miss so much." how is she really managing all of this now if.

>> she admits she's forever changed by what has happened to her but she is really focused on o moving forward and she does have so many people who care about her. she said that was one of the wonderful discoveries, is that there are people who will take care of her when she needs to be taken care of.

>> so if this weren't a blockbuster issue enough, than to top it off, you've got the most beautiful out as well. who's topping the list this year? co- cover girls .

>> we've got julia roberts also on our cover . what's amazing is that it has been 20 years since " pretty woman ." boy, she just looks exactly the same. she looks even better, in fact. she jokes about how at the ripe old age of 42 she's now a beauty ambassador for lancome. she says she never would have thought she'd have that kind of role in this point in her life. who better than that face?

>> there you go. it is her fourth time as a cover girl, too.

>> she's one of our perennial favorites . we've got lots of fresh faces, too. katy perry . kim kardashian , all faces who in the past year we just couldn't get enough of.

>> as we pointed out a little bit earlier, we know of course she's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous but you all finally came to the realization that ann curry needs to be on that list again, too.

>> i think she does the list, proud. she at the age of 53 is one of our "beauty at every age." my gosh, i hope we all look that good at 53.

>> every time, i'm like are you sure the numbers aren't reversed, she's really. 35? she's gotten better with age, too, like julia roberts . she's going to knock julia off the cover one of these days. this issue of "people" goes on sale friday. expect it to be sold out everywhere.

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