TODAY   |  February 26, 2010

Health care still hung up after summit

After a marathon bipartisan health care summit, little progress has been made in the direction of passing legislation. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>> that's right. good morning, everyone.

>>> so, what's next for health care reform after a seven-hour summit between president obama and bipartisan lawmakers failed to produce any results? nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is in washington with more. chuck, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, amy. well, after a marathon bipartisan health care summit, both sides came out in the same place they went in.

>> we cannot have another year-long debate about this.

>> reporter: and with that, president obama made clear he is willing to press ahead with his health care plan, even if it means doing it without republican support, believing that's what the country wants.

>> i do think that they want a vote. i think most americans think that a majority vote makes sense.

>> reporter: all day long, the president played moderator, chiding participants to get off their talking points.

>> we are not making campaign speeches right now.

>> reporter: but he had little success.

>> i think we're very -- we're very close on this.

>> what we simply want to do is start over.

>> we are actually quite close.

>> we ought to start over.

>> reporter: at times, it got tense.

>> a proposal that you supported in the united states senate .

>> john --

>> and christmas.

>> can i just --

>> can i finish, please?

>> we're not campaigning here. the election's over.

>> i'm reminded that every day.

>> reporter: after seven hours of debate, leaders from both parties made it clear that little had changed.

>> frankly, i was discouraged by the outcome. i do not believe there will be any republican support for this 2,700-page bill.

>> time is of the essence . the american people waited five decades for this. it's time we do something, and we're going to do it.

>> reporter: the newest deadline now to get some form of health care passed through congress and on the president's desk for a signature is now easter. so, basically, by the end of march. the house still has to find the votes for the democrats to pass the senate bill . then they have to do these fixes through what's called reconciliation. it could be a messy time on capitol hill , amy.

>> all right. chuck todd in washington , thank you.

>>> this morning also in washington ,