TODAY   |  December 28, 2009

‘Nine’ adds up to perfect 10

Dec. 28: TODAY movie critic Gene Shalit reviews "Nine," staring Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman.

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>> to cover it?

>>> movie makers struck gold at the box office this holiday weekend, one of the new movies people flocked to was the new musical "nine." our gene shalit gives "nine" a ten.

>> director rob marshall has my number, and the number is "nine." last season, the heights of delight. "nine" is backstage yarn with gab and garb, songs that soar, words that scar, sex and sensibility wrapped up in 10,000 feet of fantasy film . front and central, the famous italian director, guido contini, played by daniel day-lewis. he is by women obsessed, realized or fantasized, really in bed or just in his head. *

>> his wife -- marion cotillard .

>> why won't you let me near you.

>> his mistress, penelope cruz .

>> it's not fair to husband, it's not fair to your wife.

>> his confidentant, judi dench .

>> i see a sexual revolution .

>> what is that?

>> we can talk about it later.

>> his muse, nicole kidman .

>> you're perfect, you better not kiss me.

>> no, don't kiss me, i might bite you.

>> but wait, there's more, much more. his mother, the incomparable sophia loren .

>> i love the black and white .

>> elaborate numbers with glittery dancers dressed to the nines. and not one is an odd number . it adds up, the story is strong, the cast is first-rate, day-lewis is terrific. he really excels, and "nine" looks like a million. *

>> and that's the critic's corner for "today."

>> that's another rave.