TODAY   |  November 04, 2009

Hockey legend looks ahead to Vancouver

Nov. 4: TODAY hosts talk to Bill Cleary, a player on the 1960 U.S. Olympic hockey team, about the upcoming Winter Olympics.

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announcer: flu season.

>>> more now of our countdown to vancouver, 100 days to go. we heard earlier from some members of the 1980 u.s. hockey team who made history with their miracle on ice against the soviet team . soviet team .

>> what you may not know is the 1960 u.s. hockey team performed their own miracle, taking home the gold for the first time in their sport. they defeated the canadian team that had dominated the sport for five of the previous seven games.

>> and bill cleary was the team's leading scorer. bill, good morning.

>> yay!

>> how many goals did you score?

>> all right!

>> that 's wonderful .

>> so, i mean, when you think of that, 1960 , 50 years ago, and you guys --

>> i'm surprised they can even remember it, you know?

>> the underdogs --

>> a big difference between us and the '80 team was they did that in color. we were black and white .

>> black and white , right.

>> when you said beating the canadians in hockey is like can canada beating the u.s. in baseball, it was really unthinkable for you to do this.

>> yes, and i played in two olympics. i played in '56 and we beat the canadians twice. i've got to get that in.

>> are we going to beat the canadians with this team? what do you think?

>> i hope so.

>> thank you.

>> thumbs up for bill cleary .