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I bought Meghan Markle's off-duty maternity jeans and they're perfect

My one regret is that I didn't buy these sooner.
Backgrid/ Courtney Gisriel

Three-quarters of the way through my first pregnancy, I FINALLY found the perfect pair of maternity jeans, and I only have one person to thank for that: the Duchess of Sussex.

My pre-bump wardrobe was very heavy on high-waisted jeans, so I started the search for a pair to get me through the next nine months almost as soon as I saw those two pink lines. After trying on several different pairs, I got an expensive pair from a boutique maternity brand that seemed great but was disappointed when just a few months later I found them so uncomfortable I couldn't even stand wearing them for a full day.

It wasn't until I found myself scrolling through Meghan's Mirror, a fashion blog dedicated to the former Meghan Markle's style, that I found the Holy Grail: H&M's maternity jeans.

H&M Mama Boyfriend Jeans

I was reminded of one of the rare sightings of Meghan in her off-duty finest. In January 2019, the duchess was spotted out to lunch in London's Notting Hill neighborhood wearing a navy wool coat, nude suede heels and a pair of sleek aviator sunglasses for the occasion. But despite the fashionable accessories, it was the jeans that really caught my eye.

Meghan's Mirror identified the affordable pair when she first stepped out in them, and I figured if they're good enough for royalty, they're good enough for me. Into the online cart they went.

Meghan Markle H&M Maternity Jeans
They've become a staple in my maternity uniform.Courtney Gisriel

I ordered my pre-maternity size and when they arrived, I was happy to find that they fit perfectly. The over-the-bump band offered a level of comfort that I'd previously only experienced from leggings.

I've been able to wear them while working from home when I want to feel *fancy* and haven't had any discomfort (despite my now rather rotund frame). They also hold up on long walks around the neighborhood, even if I manage to lose steam.

Meghan Markle Maternity Jeans H&M
I may not be able to make it up a hill ... but I can still get dressed.Courtney Gisriel

While I personally won't be wearing them with heels, the full detailing (buttons, mock-fly, rivets and functional pockets) give the feeling of a higher-end brand and they could easily be dressed up for a fun night out. (Remember those?)

My one regret is that I didn't buy these sooner. Seriously, they're a game changer.

At $50, they feel like a steal and they're so stylish, I won't even be mad if I'm still wearing them for a long, long time after the baby's here.

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