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/ Source: TODAY
By Audrey Noble

Valentine's Day is all about love — whether you're sharing it with a significant other or celebrating your family and friends.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with some fun nail art? We've rounded up the 10 best Valentine's Day-inspired manicures that will get you feeling the love. Scroll down and get ready to wear your heart on your nails.

Valentine's Day Nails Designs

  • 1. Love Confetti

The mix of purples, red, and pinks against a bright white base makes for a really fun and pretty nail look.

  • 2. Heart Beat

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Your heart is nothing without a heartbeat. Put against different neon colors, this nail look is one of our favorites for this holiday.

  • 3. Love Notes

If you can't say, you can wear how you feel on your nails. Write fun little messages to express how really feel.

  • 4. Flower Power

Valentine's Day isn't all about hearts. Dress your nails with pretty flower decals to switch it up.

  • 5. Heart Silhouette

These heart shapes are just fun and we love the foil details for a really elevated look.

  • 6. Game of Love

Love can be a game sometimes, but in the end it is totally worth it.

  • 7. Food Is My First Love

An ode to a love that rarely disappoints, dedicate your love to your favorite foods with a fun food art like the ones pictured above.

  • 8. Kiss Me

We love a good lip decal and this artsy one is the perfect nail art to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  • 9. Red Hot

You can't go wrong with a classic red mani. Make it extra by adding some glitter to make your nails really sparkle.

  • 10. Neon Pop

If you really want to stand out, go all out with bright neon pink with a purple tip. You'll stop people in their tracks — guaranteed.