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What is 'Tomato Girl Summer'? Inside the TikTok viral style trend

This summer's fashion trend is inspired by an idealized Mediterranean lifestyle.

You've probably heard of TikTok fashion trends like "coastal grandmother," "quiet luxury," or 'Barbiecore.'

The latest online fashion craze is inspired by something a little juicier: the humble tomato.

No, influencers are not suddenly dressing in red, bulbous silhouettes.

"Tomato Girl Summer" actually refers to a retro, laid-back, Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic that has inspired numerous clothing and makeup trends. As the name indicates, there's also a food component — think of it as girl dinner meets the Mediterranean diet.

Popular TikToks about the aesthetic feature images of lush vineyards, breezy clothing, cobblestone streets, coastal views, fresh fruit and Aperol spritz cocktails.

Here's everything you need to know about cultivating a 'Tomato Girl Summer' — even if you're far from the Mediterranean countryside.

What is the 'Tomato Girl summer' look — and how do I achieve it?

Essentially, "Tomato Girl Summer" seeks to evoke a sunny, relaxed European vacation — no matter where you are.

Partially inspired by vintage advertisements and models, the staple pieces for the fashion trend include vintage sundresses, delicate jewelry and light linen sets. Tasteful pops of yellow, orange, blue, and of course, red liven up the trend's minimalist aesthetic.

Most people don't actually sport images of fresh fruit and vegetables on their clothing, but a few trend adopters have put a more literal spin on the 'Tomato Girl" look with bright orange-reds and bold patterns.

Makeup artists and influencers have also hopped on the summery trend, creating flushed, glowing looks to complement the simple, classic clothing.

In response to growing criticism over the impact of TikTok "microtrends" on fast fashion consumption, several TikTok creators chose to spotlight sustainable brands, drew their looks from preexisting pieces in their closet, or even DIY-ed their own clothing.

Though a summer in Europe may not be accessible to all, 'Tomato Girl Summer' has brought the dreamy aesthetic home for anyone who craves its laid-back, sunny vibe.