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Lava lamp nails is the latest trend taking over your Instagram feed

This colorful design puts a fun spin on the retro decoration.

This bright, new nail design trend is bringing back colorful memories of the '70s.

"Let's start a trend!" wrote nail artist and technician Liam Peter on Instagram in his initial post on June 30. "Have wanted to do something like this for like a year and finally did it."

"The inspiration literally came from realizing that a lava lamp is the same shape as a long, almond-shaped nail," Peter told TODAY Style. "I just thought if the lava lamp looks like a nail to me, then I could make a nail look like a lava lamp!"

Peter explained that he made the nails by using two different colors of polish, and cited Alec Cole Hinz's "aquarium nails" as an inspiration.

"The process was a fairly simple one, really, as long as you got a couple things right," he said. "Start with a long and crystal-clear nail, and layer good quality glass or jelly polish with a really bright neon."

While he said that it can take a "good amount" of practice and experimenting to understand how certain nail products will combine for the necessary effect, it wasn't long before other nail artists started creating their own version of the trend.

"Took forever, looks pretty cool but probably won't keep it," wrote one user, a nail technician who uses the handle @rainbownails_, who shared a similar orange design on July 6.

"Ever since I saw @liampeternails Lave lamp nails on here... I wanted to recreate them as they looked so awesome," wrote Instagram user @Gelulicious in a post that showed their own take on the trend. Each nail was painted a different color, and to the delight of their Instagram followers, the creator shared a Youtube video tutorial of how to re-create the colorful design.

Another Instagram user, @xo_glitterandpolishbykim_xo, fully embraced the retro trend by doing the design in alternating neon shades.

Another, @thegigijiggles, went in the completely opposite direction and showed off a dark, moody version of the nails, with thermal, color-changing lava blobs that acted as a mood ring — another retro touch. Peter said he was particularly impressed by this set.

"I've loved seeing other artists re-creating the lava lamp nails," he said. "I'm really excited and flattered to have inspired others to create their own versions."