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Not too pointy, not too square: The hottest nail shape to ask for now

We're nuts for this this edgy yet feminine look.
/ Source: TODAY

Almonds are so hot right now. They're popping up in everything! You know, almond milk, almond butter ... almond nails?

That's right: if you've run out of ways to consume almonds, it's totally trendy to shape your nails like them instead. It's kind of like a less aggressive kitty cat claw and it's super easy to do.

It also might make you hungry. So promise not to start gnawing on them when your stomach rumbles at 3 p.m., OK? It'll really ruin the effect.

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A is for ... Almond nail shape

How to create an almond nail shape

1. File the nail into a rounded shape.

Pro tip: Always file from the outside corner toward the center to prevent splitting.

2. Next, continue to file each side until the tip resembles the softly pointed shape of an almond. You might want to procure an actual almond for inspiration. Actually, wait, make that 10 almonds. Consume one for every nail you successfully shape. Aren't home manicures fun?

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We're nuts for this this edgy yet feminine look ... and already digging around in our snack drawer for the next big manicure trend. Goldfish nails? Granola bar nails? We don't know. Think it over.