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Bio-Oil review: Can Bio-Oil help with scars and stretch marks?

We used the popular product over 4 months.
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Like most women, my weight typically fluctuates a few pounds here and there. And even though I only ever really gain or lose a couple pounds, I still deal with stretch marks all the same.

Over the years, my feelings on stretch marks have changed significantly. When I was younger, I was grossed out by them and wanted to get rid of them in any way possible, but over time I came to embrace my stretch marks. They’re a part of my story, after all!

A couple of months ago, I read about Bio-Oil, a clinically-proven and dermatologist-recommended product for scars and stretch marks, and was intrigued. Now that I’ve moved on past the phase of hating my stretch marks, my interest in testing this product was more tied to curiosity than a sense of vanity.

Bio-Oil Multi-Use Skin Care Oil, $24 (originally $36), Amazon

Also available at Buy Buy Baby, Dermstore, Ulta, Target and Walmart.

I love a good beauty experiment so I was curious to see how Bio-Oil would tackle both my older and newer stretch marks. I have a few more pronounced ones on my upper thighs (like many women) and a few smaller ones on my calves, so for the last four months, I’ve used Bio-Oil on my legs in place of my regular body lotion.

It's easy to apply

The oil definitely rubs in nicely, for starters, and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Since I started using it in the summer while wearing shorts, I typically waited a bit before sitting down on the couch, as I would with any oil-based product. Now that it’s cold out, I just throw on some clothes after massaging in the Bio-Oil and go about my business.

Bio oil
You only need a little bit of the oil each time, so it lasts several months!Courtesy of Chrissy Callahan

Since it spreads so easily, all you need is a little bit each time you apply Bio-Oil, which means it lasts and lasts. To give you an idea, I’ve only used about a third of the bottle since the summer.

It's filled with vitamins

Bio‑Oil works its magic with the help of multiple skin-smoothing ingredients such as Vitamin A (which helps with the formation of new collagen and skin renewal); Vitamin E (which protects skin from damage and premature aging); and PurCellin Oil (which smooths out skin). The oil is light and scent-free, too, so no need to worry about pungent smells!

Bio oil
My smaller stretch marks have definitely improved in appearance since using Bio-Oil.Courtesy of Chrissy Callahan

It smoothes out stretch marks

The Amazon best-seller gives gradual results (as with all products, don’t expect a miracle overnight) and does a good job smoothing out and lessening the appearance of stretch marks. So far, I’ve seen the biggest difference with the smaller, younger stretch marks on my calves and can barely even tell they’re there anymore! To be honest, I didn’t expect to see much improvement because I’ve always been skeptical of stretch mark products, so I was pleasantly surprised.

My older, darker stretch marks are gradually smoothing out — and I never thought they would. Since they’re a lot more pronounced than the ones on my calves, I expect it’ll take a few more months to see the same results. And to be honest, I’m OK with that! It’s rewarding to watch the gradual process and compare what my stretch marks once looked like and how far they’ve come.

It's affordable

At $24, Bio-Oil offers an affordable method of improving the appearance of stretch marks. It's racked up over 6,000 reviews on Amazon and the fact that one bottle lasts so long is an added bonus! If you're looking to gradually change the look of your skin, it's definitely worth a try.

Bio-Oil Multi-Use Skin Care Oil, $24 (originally $36), Amazon

Also available at Buy Buy Baby, Dermstore, Ulta, Target and Walmart.

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