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The 13 best holiday candles for 2018, according to TODAY staffers

Get in the holiday spirit with our staff's picks for favorite candles!
/ Source: TODAY

Holiday prep is in full swing, and nothing gets us in the spirit quite like candles inspired by the season!

To celebrate, we rounded up the TODAY staff for a candle smell test. The rules were simple: They had to take a whiff of the candles and then write down the first word that came to mind. They didn't hold back.

The first three candles listed below were voted as the favorites. In addition to our staff's reviews, you can find a product description and summary of ingredients for the candles.

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TODAY Staff Favorite Holiday Candles

  • 1. Ranger Station, Birch Bark, $44, East Dane

Also available on Amazon and Cufflinks.

Staff Description: Campfire, forest floor, men, someone trying too hard to be outdoorsy, clean old man

This candle combining birch and cedar was the clear winner among our staff. Bonus: Once the candle melts, you have a whisky glass! The website includes instructions on how to use the glass here.

  • 2. Yankee Candle, Warm Luxe Cashmere, $8 - $16, Walmart

Also available on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Staff Description: White soap, baby nursery, clean sheets, detergent, cheap car air freshener

With notes of vanilla, sandalwood and amber, this candle creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Staff Description: Heaven, men's cologne, the boyfriend I don't have, armpit, middle-school boys' locker room

This candle was definitely a staff favorite. It features notes of orange peel, patchouli essential oils and soft musk.


  • 1. Rewined, Spiked Cider, $33, Amazon

Also available on Walmart.

Staff Description: Butter cooking, light and airy, spicy butter cookie, woodsy, old car

This candle incorporates the season in a spicy, but not-too-sweet scent. It features cinnamon, clove and fresh apple. It's also held in an old wine bottle!

  • 2. Bath & Body Works, Sweater Weather, $21, Amazon

Staff Description: Martha's Vineyard wedding, sweet laundry detergent, fresh laundry, dryer sheets, old person

While the photo on the jar isn't indicative of the holidays, the actual candle tells a different tale. It smells like fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus and fresh woods.

  • 3. Yankee Candle, Balsam and Clove, $16, Amazon

Also available on Buy Buy Baby.

Staff Description: Christmas, old Lip Smackers, cinnamon gum, old Celestial Seasonings tea, Big Red gum

The title gives it away, but the candle smells of clove, fresh balsam and cinnamon. It will make you want to bundle up in front of a fire this winter.

This candle really drummed up some memories for the TODAY staff; you'll notice that a few childhood favorites were referenced in their descriptions.

  • 4. Bath & Body Works, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, $21, Amazon

Staff Description: Thanksgiving, acorns and clove, cider doughnuts, pumpkin spice but bitter and angry, allspice

This sweet fall candle consists of spiced clove, brown sugar, vanilla cream and harvest pumpkin.

  • 5. Spicy Pepperberry & Spruce, $18, Amazon

Staff Description: Cranberries, camping, Christmas, cough syrup, gross dinner experiment

Prep for Christmas dinner with notes of cinnamon stick, clove, vanilla and winter berry.

  • 6. Sweet Fig & Pomegranate, $20, Amazon

Staff Description: Jolly Rancher, Sour Bubble Tape, pie, strong and sweet, warm berries

This candle will put you in the mood for some candy! With top notes of blackberry, fig and raspberry, its resulting scent is very sweet.

  • 7. Bath & Body Works, Fresh Balsam, $24, Amazon

Staff Description: Narnia, happiness, pine trees, Christmas tree, hiking

You guessed it — this candle smells like pine trees! It actually consists of pine, cedarwood and essential oils. The TODAY staff was in love.

  • 8. Bath & Body Works, Hot Cocoa & Cream, $25, Amazon

Staff Description: The inside of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, a really, really, really good cup of cocoa, brownie batter, Christmas tree, cocoa nibs

Curl up next to a fire and grab your favorite hot cocoa! This candle smells like milk chocolate, nutmeg and steamed milk.

  • 9. Yankee Candle, Cascading Snowberry, $26, Amazon

Staff Description: A store at Christmastime, sweet pine, a ski lodge in heaven, a pine-and-mint smoothie, laundry

This candle smells like evergreens and snowberries. It definitely brings the holidays to mind.

Staff Description: Nutty, warm, mulled cider, cinnamon bears, like if a woodland elf farted

This may be the ultimate fall candle. It's sweet with notes of golden nectar, crisp red apple and warm clove spice.

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