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This easy-to-use shoe kit keeps my Uggs looking and feeling like new

It's a must-have for protecting my shoes from harsh winter weather.
Three images showing uggs being cleaned
Courtesy Jamie Allison Sanders

Uggs might be making the ultimate comeback this year, but I have a confession — I've been rocking the boots for close to 20 years. I could say that I'm pulling them out of storage now that they’re “cool” again, but I’d be lying. I always keep a pair or two in my wardrobe because they’re so comfortable, cozy and warm. And while I’ve bought new pairs over the years (especially after wearing my old ones into the ground during snowy New York winters), I’ve actually owned my most-used pair for over seven years.

While I do tend to keep my Uggs looking fairly pristine, I can't avoid the scuffs and marks from daily wear. Plus, they're starting to appear a bit rundown from so much use. It's a good thing I was recently introduced to the Ugg Shoe Care Kit, which contains everything I need to refresh my tired-looking boots for the upcoming season and beyond.

Ugg Shoe Care Kit

What’s included?

I’ve tried the brand's Protector spray before but not the full care kit, which contains a host of formulas and accessories meant to remove every mark or scuff from your Ugg boots. Inside this kit, you’ll find five items — an Ugg Sheepskin Protector, Cleaner & Conditioner, Shoe Renew spray, a bamboo handle brush and a scuff eraser — all meant to bring a completely refreshed look and feel to your Uggs.

How do you use the Ugg Shoe Care Kit?

I think it depends on what you want to accomplish with your Uggs. In my case, since they weren’t too dirty, I was less concerned about the effects of the Cleaner & Conditioner and more excited about protecting them for the upcoming winter — especially because I'll be venturing back to New York soon (I currently live on the West Coast), where it’s sure to be wet and snowy. But I was equally intrigued by the other items in the kit, so I got right down to business.

Each of the liquids is meant to be applied to the boots and then left to dry for 24 hours, away from direct sunlight. I began with the Protector, which the instructions state should be sprayed six inches away from the shoe surface and applied evenly so the boots are “wet but not soaked.” After drying, I used the brush (stroking in a single direction only, per the instructions) to help restore the boots’ original look.

Ugg cleaner kit
Courtesy Jamie Stone

Then, I sprayed some Shoe Renew into the soles, which you can use after each wear to prevent odor. Thankfully, I don’t have smelly feet, but it’s always nice to give my boots a little refresh from time to time.

To use the Cleaner & Conditioner, you wet the boot with a damp sponge, apply a bit of product directly to the sponge and gently scrub in circular motions. Follow up by removing any residue. Again, you wait for 24 hours to let the shoe dry and then brush it. I had two different stains I wanted to remove, on the side and back of one of my boots, so I was definitely excited to see whether this would do the trick.

Does the kit work?

The Protector most definitely works, and I know this because I’ve used it multiple times over the years. My Uggs tend to look pretty spotless because I treat them once a year with this product, which helps to minimize water stains and crunching or wrinkling of the suede. I’m interested to see how they hold up when I visit New York in a couple months, and I will actually use the Protector again before I go to ensure they’re as protected as they can be before I arrive.

I also love the Shoe Renew. It has a very pleasant, fresh aroma that isn't cloying or overpowering. I added a few spritzes to my insoles after wearing them recently and loved coming back to refreshed boots that smelled brand new. Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised by the bamboo brush and scuff eraser, which actually helped to restore the boot's nap.

Woman wearing uggs
Courtesy Jamie Stone

My one caveat with this kit is the Cleaner & Conditioner. The stains on my boots were pretty miniscule, so I had high hopes that this product would remove them. Unfortunately, the stains were still present after using it. In fact, I found it to leave behind a bit of a larger water stain, so my boots became less pristine after I tried it. The directions say not to spot clean, so there's a chance I may have focused too intently on the original stains I planned to scrub out.

While my experience with the Cleaner & Conditioner left a bit to be desired, many Amazon shoppers still sang its praises and have given the kit nearly 11,000 five-star ratings. One reviewer said, “My Uggs look brand new again,” while a second one called out its ability to “get salt off of the suede.” Another said it worked on a water stain “after a few rounds.” (This gives me hope as I prepare to try the cleaner again.)

Overall, I think this kit is handy to have around, especially for the Protector, Shoe Renew and accessories. It's definitely a great value for the price, and the products do help to keep my Uggs looking and feeling fresh — so, where I’m concerned, it’s a win for the upcoming winter.