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These stove gap covers will keep your kitchen so much cleaner

Amazon customers have left over 2,000 rave reviews.
/ Source: TODAY

No matter how often you clean your kitchen, there are probably certain areas of your space you probably don't think twice about. For instance — do you know what's lurking in the gaps between your oven and counter?

This is typically an impossible spot to reach, but a simple solution exists that might make it easier than ever to keep crumbs away from this hard to reach space.

Linda's Silicone Kitchen Stove Counter Gap Cover

These silicone strips are meant to slide perfectly into the gap between your stove and countertop, stopping crumbs and liquids from creating a mess that's tricky to clean. The strips come in a pack of two and are available in either black or white. Each strip is 21 inches long, though the soft silicone material should make it easy to cut to your preferred size.

The strips are also dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean if they get a little dirty while cooking.


While we haven't tried them ourselves, Amazon customers have given them a 4.7-star rating with over 3,254 reviews.

"Install was a breeze and they are easy to wipe down when dirty," one reviewer wrote. "I haven't had any problems with them staying in place or standing up to radiant heat from the gas burners nearby."


Many reviewers say the gap covers have made tricky cleaning a thing of the past.

"Every morning when I make toast I congratulate myself on making this decision ... no crumbs to try to fish out with chopsticks between my counter and stove!" one reviewer raved.

Others pointed out that installing the strips is surprisingly easy.

"There really isn't any installation involved, just lay them on the edge of the stove and press down a little to help them lay flat," one reviewer wrote. "Since they are silicone they are very pliable and adhere to the stove and counter nicely."


Pair these strips with some expert-approved cleaning products and your kitchen may just look more spotless than the day you moved in.

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