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9 kitchen gadgets to make healthy eating easy

Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult!
Kitchen Gadgets
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These days, the internet is full of recipes and guides to eating healthier. But with takeout and delivery apps becoming increasingly common, sometimes eating better is easier said than done.

If the idea of spending too much time in the kitchen is getting you off-track, take a look at these easy-to-use gadgets that can simplify meal prep. They might just cut down on kitchen time and calorie count in one go. We even found a healthy (and tidy) way to enjoy dessert!

OXO Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shaker

Looking to make better salads? Start with the dressing. This OXO Good Grips salad dressing shaker comes in small and large, making it a cinch to whip up a healthier homemade dressing. Loved by Amazon customers, one review said it was "easy to clean," while another praised it as being perfect for someone looking to eat clean. For thicker dressings, another customer wrote it works better than a glass storage jar since it can be placed in hot water without cracking.

Stainless Steel Juicer with Portable Manual Lid

Healthy mornings on the move just got simpler. Sometimes making fresh citrus juice (no added sugar here!) sounds like a lot of work — and buying one from a trendy juice company can cost more than a gourmet coffee. But, Amazon reviewers give this portable stainless steel juicer rave reviews for making juice almost effortlessly. Plus, it can also transport the juice (it comes with a removable cup for sipping), or you can use it to store your drink in the fridge.

Kitchen Deluxe Vegetable Steamer

Steaming vegetables, rather than cooking them in butter and heavy oils, can help cut fat and calories. This Amazon bestseller is safe for dishwashers and fits in most pots. It even fits in the Instant Pot — a kitchen device with a cult-like Facebook following. Reviewers rave that it is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store.

Culinary Herb Scissors

Using fresh herbs to spice up a meal instead of opting for a rich sauce sounds great ... but who has the time to chop away all evening? Use these scissors to slice up fresh, low-calorie herbs in a flash.

Smart Planet Eco Collapsible Salad Bowl

Grabbing a quick bite during a busy day is one of the quickest ways to lose track of your healthy eating goals. This all-in-one, collapsible salad container saves the day. It has a detachable lid, as well as a tray that keeps all the ingredients (including dressing) separate until it's time to dig in.

60 Seconds Salad Maker

It's hard to resist a kitchen gadget that promises a fresh, homemade salad in one minute. According to Amazon reviewers, this unique-looking gadget actually delivers ... and it doesn't just make salads. The multipurpose tool is a strainer, cutting board and salad bowl wrapped up in one package.

Ryback Fast Egg Yolk White Separator

Looking to get more lean, protein-packed meals into your diet? Adding egg whites — like in this recipe for an egg white frittata with lox and arugula — will help do the trick. But, not every home cook can separate the yolks from the whites in seconds. For only $6, this helpful little gadget does the work and omits the mess.

Silicone Popsicle Molds

Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can be pretty sweet! If you're craving something cold, these popsicle molds will allow you to make a healthy dessert. Just fill the silicone ice pop with your favorite yogurt, a low-calorie smoothie, juice or even tea, then freeze and enjoy.

Newfit Olive Oil Sprayer

Olive oil is one of the stars of the Mediterranean diet. It's known to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. This food-grade glass bottle makes it easy to spritz food with oil without using too much. Reviewers on Amazon love it for being easy to fill and use. Plus, it looks prettier than a regular bottle on the kitchen counter.

Seleware Panda Jars

An Amazon's Choice item for moms and kids alike, this storage container is portable and stackable, making it easier to stay on top of portion control goals. Customers give it rave reviews for being durable during workouts (even high-intensity activities like hiking and skiing) and traveling. Plus, you'll save money by packing your own snacks when it's time to hit the road.

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