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These storage bags are my trick to saving space — and they're on sale for $13

Over 7,000 verified buyers have given these bags a rave review.

I knew moving to New York City was going to be a challenge in terms of space. My affinity for shopping and my extremely small room — which is barely big enough to fit my bed — are far from complementary.

Once I moved in, I realized my biggest issue would be storing my bulky blankets, sweaters and sweatshirts. Though I organized most of my miscellaneous items in storage cubes, the larger ones took up valuable space in my closet and under my bed.

I heard about space-saving solutions like drop hangers and storage bags but didn't initially fall for the hype. However, when I was forced to either toss my beloved blankets or drown in a pile of sherpa pullovers, I decided to finally give the original Spacesaver Vacuum Storage Bags a shot.

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Each pack of Spacesaver bags comes with plastic storage bags, zip fasteners and a handheld travel pump.

The bag is crafted with a unique double-zip seal and a vacuum valve which is designed to keep air out after the suction process is complete.

You'll want to start by spreading out the bag and filling it with your items, being careful not to extend past the maximum fill line. Then you'll need to grab a fastener and slide it along the blue zipper to ensure the bag is securely zipped.

Next, open the blue cap on the front of the bag and place the hand-pump (or a vacuum hose) on the seal. Use a pumping motion with your hand to get rid of the excess air inside the bag and finish by closing the seal with the cap.

Packing the bag was simple and took me less than two minutes.
Packing the bag was simple and took me less than two minutes.Megan Foster

Though I bought the bags for my blankets and winter items, I find them useful for everything from T-shirts to unused pillows. I purchased the medium and large sizes, but you can also get the Spacesaver Vacuum Storage bags in small and jumbo varieties.

Each pack is available on Amazon for under $25 and every purchase comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

"They save so much space and I love that the hand pump is included, easy to use and doesn't take long at all even on the large bags."
"They save so much space and I love that the hand pump is included, easy to use and doesn't take long at all even on the large bags."

I'm not the only one who loves them, as several verified reviewers have raved about both the functionality and durability of the bags.

"The plastic is thick and strong and the seals are easy to use as long as you don't overfill them," one verified reviewer wrote. "Great fun to use too, I found myself hunting for things to pack away."

Many of the reviews from verified customers pointed out how surprised they were at the capacity of the deceptively compact bags.

"I decided to order these jumbo bags for King down duvets, thick blankets and king-sized pillows," a verified reviewer wrote. "I was amazed at how much these held, how easy they were to pack/vacuum and how much I could fit in such a small space!"

Though the seal typically stays tight, some customers remind buyers to follow proper instructions.

"I've experienced no problems with the bags re-inflating," another verified reviewer wrote. "As long as you follow the directions and fill only to the line indicated on the bag ... no problems! Fantastic product!"

Similar to some reviewers, I actually find myself looking for more items to store! The bags are easy to use and have provided yet another excuse for me to keep up with my undeniable love for shopping.

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