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Where to find the sunset projection lamps seen on TikTok

This home product has gone viral on TikTok — here's why.
Illustration of the Renewergy Sunset Projector Lamp and Sunset Projector Floor Lamps, Artistic Designer Lamp
TODAY Illustration / Etsy

From butt-lifting leggings to tea that tastes like "liquified cake," TikTok has become one of the best places to discover unusual yet amazing products that you never knew you needed. And lately, users on the app can't get enough of one affordable home upgrade — sunset projection lamps.

The light, which projects a golden hour-like effect onto walls, has gone viral. TikTok videos featuring the product have more than 138 million collective views. One user called theirs a "game-changer" while another posted a video saying, "this lamp is the best thing I own." Social media users on Twitter and Instagram also can't get enough of the eye-catching glow.

It's not particularly surprising that people are loving this product. With daylight saving time bringing about earlier sunsets and shorter days, plus the notion of being cooped up at home during colder stretches, bringing a permanent dose of sunshine into your room seems like just the remedy to help cure any stay-at-home fatigue and winter blues.

They're affordable, too. Sure, you'll find some that come at a high price tag, like the sleek Halo One which will cost you over $1,000, but there are also plenty of wallet-friendly options that you can find on Etsy, Amazon and other similar retailers. Below, we rounded up six quality lamps that will brighten your space with their stunning colors and sunset-like effects.

Sunset projection lamps to try

Tsrarey Sunset Projection Lamp

Transform a dark room into a sunny escape with this 4.7-star-rated Amazon option. It comes in colors like sunset red and iridescent blue, so you're bound to find one that matches the aesthetic of your space.

IrisMade4U Sunset Lamp Projector

This bestselling lamp has a 180° head, so you can rotate it to create different light patterns on your walls. It also features two lenses on each side — one for a dramatic sunset and the other for a trippy rainbow-like effect.

KissLondon Sunset Projection Lamp

This bestselling Etsy lamp was made to mimic the colors of a romantic sunset. It creates a warm and soothing environment in whichever room you place it in.

Sunset Projector Floor Lamp

Standing at just over five feet tall, this sleek option can project its light over a large surface area or a small spot on the wall, depending on where you set it up. With hues of orange, red and yellow, it will bring a sunny feel to your home, no matter the time of day.

Night Light Projector LED Lamp

This small lamp is perfect for your little one's bedroom. Just like the beloved galaxy lamps of your childhood, they'll love seeing the magical sunset-like effect on their ceiling or walls.

Fanler Sunset Projection Lamp

Give your room a dreamy glow for just $22 with this bright lamp. It has a sturdy base and energy-efficient LED tech. At such an affordable price, you'll be tempted to grab one for every room in your house.

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