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13 best smart scales to help you get back on track

These high-tech options do so much more than just measure your weight.
Qardio; Greater Goods
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You spent most of your time at home last year, so it's only natural that you might have gained a few pounds. While there's nothing wrong with indulging in homemade ice cream and your favorite pasta dish occasionally, you might be feeling like now's the perfect time to revisit your personal fitness goals. If your goal for the year is to drop that quarantine weight, trim a few sizes or firm up, a new scale with high-tech features can help keep your fitness resolution and progress on track.

Thankfully, a wide array of smart digital scales — which use technology to record and keep track of the stats you need to stay fit — are available to help achieve those goals.

Ahead, shop the best digital bathroom scales to help you stick to your health aspirations through the year!

Bestselling smart scales

1. Arboleaf Smart Scale

Like many of the options on this list, this scale gives users the capability to connect their scale with the brand's fitness app to get the most out of its features. The wireless digital scale can give you a variety of information on your body, including weight, body fat percentage, body type, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass and metabolic age.

2. Renpho Smart Body Scale

The Renpho Smart Body Scale is an "Amazon's Choice" item with over 100,000 five-star reviews. Many love this scale for its easy-to-use app, while others rave about how simple it is to track progress over time.

3. QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale

Hop on! This scale tracks weight and full body composition, and the information can be shared with the partner app on your phone. The scale even has a pregnancy mode which helps expecting moms record their weight and weekly progress.

More smart scales to consider

1. FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Everyone in the family can use this bestselling scale to track weight, body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass and so much more. Simply download the app and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. You can store all your family's data on one device or use the app individually. It graphs your stats over time, so you can get a clear look at how much progress you've made toward your goal.

2. Etekcity Smart Body Fat Scale

Not only does this smart scale measure weight, body fat percentage, BMI and more, it also features a larger surface area than most scales, making it feel sturdier and more comfortable to stand on.

3. Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

This scale uses a retractable handheld sensor to give you a more accurate total body measurement.

4. Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale

This has all the bells and whistles of a standard scale, but we love the Infant Tare Button, which allows you to weigh your baby (or pet!) while they are in your arms.

5. GreaterGoods Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

This Bluetooth-connected scale monitors your weight, body fat, lean mass, water weight and bone mass over time. What's more, it stores the information in the partner app, which is designed to work with such popular platforms as Fitbit, Apple's Health app and Google Fit.

6. Detectco SlimPro Digital Scale

This scale may have a low profile, but its extra-wide platform is great when it comes to basic monitoring for users of all sizes. When the smallest details count, this is the scale you want.

7. EatSmart Precision CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale

Using four high-precision sensors, this scale is able to offer the CalPal feature, which immediately identifies the user based on past weights. The device's memory mode is handy when an entire family is using the scale to stay on track with their fitness goals.

8. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio Heart Health and Body Composition Scale

Yes, this scale tracks your weight, but it also does so much more. You can check your body mass index, heart rate and even get a check-up on your overall cardio health — then sync it all to your smartphone.

9. Eufy Smart Scale

This scale is used with an app that makes it very easy to navigate. With the app, you can track and get detailed info on your weight, body fat, BMI, water, muscle mass, bone mass and so much more. The Eufy app will then let you know if your levels are low, normal or high — making it seamless to set new fitness goals.

10. Vitagoods Form Fit Digital Scale

This Vitagoods scale is great for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. It has a large screen to clearly see all of your body's data and it allows you to keep track of your weight, body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and bone density.

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