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This $30 face mask is antimicrobial and easy to breathe in

It's also designed to filter out bacteria.
Illustration of two images of Casey DelBasso wearing a cloth mask in black, with a design on it
TODAY Illustration / Casey DelBasso

Although nearly 1-in-4 adults in the United States have already been fully vaccinated, face masks aren't going anywhere any time soon. As long as the CDC continues to recommend wearing protective coverings, I won't leave the house without one. Therefore, I'm always on the hunt for quality masks that are equal parts comfortable and effective — I just didn't expect to find my new favorite one from a lifestyle brand for gamers!

While the gaming community might appreciate Razer for its prestigious computer equipment, I was more interested in trying the company's antimicrobial cloth mask, which claims to offer high filtration efficiency. The $30 price tag is steep for a face mask, but after trying it out for myself, I can say that this was a quality purchase. Here's why I think you'll like it, too.

Razer Cloth Mask

It keeps bacteria and pathogens out

The Razer Cloth Mask boasts 95% bacterial filtration efficiency and is made with an eco-friendly organic cotton material, which helps to kill microorganisms and prevent their growth. It's also designed with a double layer fabric weave, which is lightweight, breathable and certified to filter out pathogens.

I've yet to discover another mask on the market with claims of this high level of protection that isn’t medical grade. Now, I can go about my day with greater peace of mind knowing this mask can keep my airflow free of harmful particles.

It's surprisingly comfortable

A huge selling point for me was the softness of the mask and the comfortable ear loops. The straps fit snugly around my ear without irritating my skin, even after multiple hours of use. The nontoxic cotton material is designed to withstand multiple washes and can be reused up to 30 wears. Even after washing and air-drying mine a few times, it has still maintained a soft texture.

Image of Casey DelBasso wearing the Razer cloth face mask
Courtesy Casey DelBasso

It has a unique design

If you're a gamer, you might recognize Razer's triple-headed snake logo, which is printed on the front of each mask. The design is definitely outside my fashion comfort zone, which tends to be more feminine-style clothing, so this probably won't be my go-to accessory to pair with more stylish outfits.

The mask only comes in black, but you can choose between a black or green logo. I opted for the black-on-black combo in a size small, which offers a casual look that is perfect for completing daily errands.

While wearing a mask isn't all fun and games, gamers and non-gamers alike can agree that the protection offered by Razer's cloth masks makes everyone a winner.

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