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15 products from QVC that will make your life easier

The list includes game-changing buys from an innovative umbrella to a microfiber duster set.
Illustration of a woman holding an umbrella outside while it is raining,  Poo-Pourri spray, Perennial Fan Fragrance Warmer, 6-Piece Easy Reach Microfiber Duster Set by Campanelli in pink and the Kuhn Rikon 2-Cup Pull & Chop Food Chopper in green
TODAY Illustration / QVC / Cristian Bortes / EyeEm / Getty Images

Let’s face it: Life is hard. But QVC can make it a little easier. The go-to shopping destination for all your essentials is filled with affordable, innovative products that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them.

You’ll find genius kitchen gadgets like a lid that converts your pressure cooker into an air fryer, so you don’t have to shell out money for yet another bulky appliance. Other game-changing buys from QVC include a manual food chopper that cuts vegetables with the pull of a cord, a drain cleaning tool that will help you save on plumbing costs and a duster designed to clean any surface in your home — even ceiling fans.

The best part? Nearly every product on this list is under $55.

QVC products that will make life easier

Revers-A-Brella Auto Open Umbrella with Personal Alarm and Light

The 42-inch Revers-A-Brella does more than just protect you from torrential downpour — it features a detachable flashlight and a 120-decibel alarm to keep you safe. Choose from cheerful patterns, including pineapple and gingham.

Kuhn Rikon 2-Cup Pull & Chop Food Chopper

Food choppers make chopping less messy — and are a great way to let kids help in the kitchen. Dice vegetables or mix fresh salsas in seconds with the manual pull & chop food chopper from Kuhn Rikon.

Flexisnake Set of 4 Reusable Drain Clog Tools

Slow drains driving you crazy? Save money on plumbers and use these snakes to remove hair and other gross gunk.

Poo-Pourri 3-Piece Bathroom and On the Go Refresh Set

Spritz this nontoxic, essential oil-based formula into the toilet before using to eliminate unpleasant bathroom odors. The 3-piece set comes with a 4-ounce spray, a 2-ounce hand sanitizer and a travel-sized spritzer with notes of strawberry and rock candy.

Perennial Fan Fragrance Warmer

QVC reviewers rave about this device that heats scented pieces of wax and then circulates the scent. As one person wrote: “The best warmer that I own! The fan throws the scent around the room.”

6-Piece Easy Reach Microfiber Duster Set by Campanelli

Clean everything from the ceiling fan to the window using these extendable pole dusters. “There is no dust bunny out of reach!” raved one satisfied customer, who noted that her mom and kids also love using the washable dusters.

LocknLock 6-Piece Nestable Square Storage Set

This BPA-free storage set comes with six air- and water-tight containers that make meal prep a cinch. They hold up in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher and come in five colors including red and rose gold.

Kuhn Rikon 2-Piece Crinkle Mezzaluna Knife Set

The crinkle knife is ideal for making French fries and wave cut vegetables and for trimming the edges of ravioli. Use the 6-inch mezzaluna knife to dice and mince produce.

Rejuvenate Electric Fabric Renewer Pill and Fuzz Shaver

Revive a pill-covered sweater or blanket with this electric fabric shaver that uses stainless steel precision blades.

SuperPack Set of 4 Jumbo Compression Bags and Totes

Stash everything from clothes to comforters in these vacuum-sealing, space-saving bags that hold up to 40 pounds each.

180 Deluxe Battery Organizer Storage Case With Digital Tester

Your days of digging through the junk drawer are over! This storage case keeps your batteries organized and within reach when you need them. It also boasts a built-in battery tester.

Decor 4-Piece Microwave Pasta Cooker With Tools

To cook pasta perfectly al dente, just measure your portion, add water, microwave and drain. It’s really that easy. “Does a great job,” wrote one QVC viewer. “Much easier than waiting for water to boil and cleaning the pot.”

Cook’s Essentials Air Fryer Lid for Pots, Pans & Pressure Cooker

Convert your pressure cooker into an air fryer with this space-saving appliance. It also fits on 8-, 10-, and 12-inch pots and pans.

ClutterFree Set of 50 Universal Hangers

A good hanger will keep your clothes off the floor without changing their shape — and these slim and sturdy hangers do just that.

Green Tree Heavy Duty Telescopic Drying and Storage Rack

This drying rack has a small footprint but holds up to 66 garments!