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This $15 Odistar Desktop Vacuum Cleaner is a TikTok favorite

The handy gadget will make a great gift for your grad.
Illustration of the Odistar Desktop Vacuum on a desk and the Odistar Desktop Vacuum in three different colors
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You spend around eight hours of the day sitting at your desk, doing everything from eating to working, so the area can get pretty messy.

Though, instead of the age-old ritual of brushing your crumbs – or dust bunnies – onto the floor, and then getting out the full-sized vacuum to finish the job, this tiny Odistar Desktop Vacuum can clean up any desk-size mess in a pinch.

The mini cleaner has an average 4.3-star rating from more than 5,000 reviews. But it's not only a favorite of Amazon shoppers, it's also loved by plenty of TikTok users. It frequently makes appearances on #CleanTok, a popular hashtag on the app that's filled with clever cleaning hacks and unique products. One TikTok user called the vacuum the "best Amazon find for your desk" and another said it is a "must-have for artists."

It'll make a great addition to your work from home setup, though it's also a perfect gift for any recent grad who will soon be starting a new job or adjusting to life in a (messy) dorm room.

Odistar Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

The small handheld vacuum is about the size of your palm, so it can easily be moved around any surface to suck up bits of dust, paper, crumbs and more. You can get the battery-powered option, which is just $12, or you can opt for the USB-charging version, which is $15 and can run for more than six hours on a single charge.

Even though the vacuum is small, reviewers say that it has a good amount of suction, so it's an effective cleaning tool.

"This is the perfect crumb catcher/sweeper for your table," one verified reviewer wrote. "Have little ones that leave toast crumbs everywhere? Or a husband that drops little bits of stuff? This will vacuum it all up — and voila clean table! It’s a nice compact size and can pick up sizeable crumbs easily."

It can be helpful for tackling areas where a larger vacuum may not be able to reach, like tight corners or even window blinds (which are often forgotten in the cleaning process). Reviewers say it's also much quieter than your typical vacuum, which can be a plus when you have a pet sleeping next to your desk or a roommate who is on a call.

One reviewer who called it the "perfect little gadget" said, "I use it on my nightstand, bed, in my car, my desk, for my macbook and mouse pad — it cleans anything!"

And for a vacuum, it's actually pretty chic. It comes in multiple colors and the sleek design won't be an eyesore if you leave it sitting on your desk.

"I did not expect to love this little thing as much as I do — but I do," another reviewer wrote. "For one thing, it's super cute. It's comfortable in my hand, and aesthetically pleasing ... this thing is perfect for counters, desks, and worktops! I got it for eraser and pencil shavings, but I've used it at work and it works awesome there too! Dust, pencil shavings, eraser bits, pieces of paper, spilled salt/pepper, this thing picks up so much."

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