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These moon lamps are TikTok's latest obsession

Illuminate your room with one of these out-of-this-world options.
Illustration with two images of Moon lamps
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From sunset projection lamps to fake window projectors, TikTok users have helped us discover some of the coolest and most unique home upgrades and decor items. And now we're adding glowing moon lamps to that list.

The "moonlamp" hashtag has 3.5 million collective views on the app, with many of the videos featuring users showing off moon-shaped lamps that look impressively similar to the real thing. The miniature globes emit a soft, soothing light and are often 3D-printed with curves and divots on the sphere's exterior, to mimic the actual texture of the surface of the moon.

The lamps can be a fun upgrade from your basic night light or reading lamp and will look great sitting on your bedside table or bookshelf. There are plenty of options to choose from, too, with many boasting different features like a levitating design or adjustable brightness levels.

Whether you're looking for a cool gift for that special person in your life or a unique way to illuminate your space, we found six stunning options to try.

Mydethun Moon Lamp

With multiple colors and brightness levels, this adjustable lamp will help you create the perfect ambiance in your room. The rechargeable battery provides up to eight hours of light, so it can run for most of the day or night on one charge. It also comes in four size options, including a magnetic levitating version.

KFISI Moon Lamp

Searching for a super unique gift for your loved ones? Look no further than this lamp. It uses magnetic force to float and rotate the glowing moon-shaped globe above the base, making it both an eye-catching and realistic choice.

Full Moon Decorative & Realistic Moon Lamp

This option features 16 color and brightness levels, and you can switch between the classic white color or a bright hue, depending on your mood. It's remote-controlled, so you can turn it on and off or switch the brightness levels without ever leaving your bed.

LOGROTATE 3D Print Moon Light

This bestselling lamp comes in five sizes to fit any space. Reviewers say that it's a great addition to both kids' and adults' rooms. "This lamp is amazing," wrote one verified reviewer. "Aside from the fact that it’s a 100% accurate 3D moon (!!!!!), it’s incredibly versatile for lighting purposes."

Brightworld Moon Lamp

This 7-inch lamp features two lighting settings, so you can switch between a warm yellow or cool white glow. Made with advanced 3D printing technology, you'll be amazed by the details on the textured surface. It features easy-to-use touch controls and a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 12 hours.

Moon Essential Oil Diffuser

This option does double duty as both an illuminating lamp and an essential oil diffuser. You can choose between three stand options and it can easily be moved from room to room thanks to the small, portable design.

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