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One editor walked 20 miles in Lululemon's new sneaker without feeling any aches or pains

The new shoe isn't just for trail running!
Split image of a close up and fill length shot of a Woman wearing the new Lululemon sneaker
Courtesy Becca Delman

Lululemon stepped into a new category when it debuted its first-ever shoe, the Blissfeel sneaker, last summer. And it's been steadily expanding its collection ever since with training shoes, running shoes and cute and casual running slides.

And now, the brand has added yet another shoe to its lineup that's sure to become a fan favorite — the Blissfeel Trail Running Shoe. The new sneaker is the first one from the company that's designed for trail running. But if you don't regularly find yourself darting through rough terrain, that doesn't mean that it's not for you.

Shop TODAY Senior SEO editor Jess Bender was sent a pair of the shoes by Lululemon to try and she has since worn them "on pretty much every kind of ground you could find in New York City," she says. Bender even added that she walked "about 20 miles in them in the span of a single weekend without feeling aches or pains around my arches at any given point."

Blissfeel Trail Running Shoe

According to Lululemon, its shoes are designed for women first, using data from one million Volumental foot scans and four years of research, so they have a better feel and fit for the female foot. They're said to feature foam cushioning and molded heel support to keep your feet feeling secure, even over uneven terrain. Plus, they're designed with a grippy sole, so you feel comfortable walking or running over everything from rocks to your neighborhood sidewalk.

"I’ve tested them most consistently during my morning trail hikes around my apartment," Bender says. "What I’ve loved most about these shoes are the added traction on the soles, which have kept me secure on rougher, wetter, hillier terrains (of which there are many). While the weather around my parts hasn’t been the hottest yet, the breathable uppers are bound to keep my feet feeling comfortable during humid stretches coming up."

While the brand says that the shoe fits true to size, those with wide feet should consider ordering a half-size larger. Lululemon also says that it offers a free trial, so if you buy them, take them for a stroll around the neighborhood and don't totally love them, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.

Below, we're sharing some of the brand's other shoes that you can shop.

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