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Amazon Kindle Oasis 2020 review: should you buy this e-reader?

Here's why one editor loves this e-reader.
Kara Quill / TODAY

As long as I can remember, I've preferred to spend my free time reading. There's nothing like picking up a good book, feeling the crack of the spine as you start chapter one and knowing you're about to go on an adventure with a set of new characters in new places.

For years, friends have encouraged me to ditch physical books and check out what the Kindle has to offer. They said it was more portable, could hold more books than I needed and was easy to read. Still, I resisted, choosing bound pages to digital ones.

As much as I love how books feel while you're flipping the page or taking a quick peek at the last line (I know, it's a bad habit) I knew my collection was becoming a problem. I recently realized that every surface of my room had become overtaken by stacks of my old favorites — and lines yet to be read. That's when I finally decided to cave and look into getting an Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Oasis

Why the Oasis model?

After looking at the Oasis and Paperwhite options, I chose the newer Oasis version for its upgraded design and, if I'm honest, the convenient page-turning buttons. The screen features a 7-inch 300-ppi display and incorporates e-ink technology. I ended up with the 8-GB option as it'll fit more books than I'll ever be able to read and it kept the price down in comparison to the 32-GB model.

If you're looking to spend a little less on your e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is currently on sale and also has rave reviews from Amazon customers.

Kindle Paperwhite

It's comfortable to hold

One of the worries that initially held me back from purchasing a Kindle was how easy it would be to hold. The Kindle Oasis quickly quieted those worries with its ergonomic design and page-turning side buttons. You don't have to worry about accidentally hitting the screen and inadvertently turning the page mid-sentence. Plus, it's perfect for one-handed reading and I never fear that I'll accidentally drop it. I also added a leather case to mine, which has a great feel and keeps my screen protected when I'm not using it.

Kindle Oasis Leather Cover

The adjustable light is the real winner

Have you ever wanted to take in a good story in less than favorable light? The Kindle Oasis completely eliminates the issue! It's auto-adjusting light seamlessly takes you from day to night, just like a good outfit. If you prefer to fiddle with the settings yourself, you can adjust from white to amber light and even schedule the time you'd like it to shift.

I've been able to read in direct sunlight, with all the lights off and in indoor lighting without any issues!

What else makes it so great?

Beyond holding an impressive amount of reading material, the Kindle Oasis has a number of other great features that I just couldn't pass up. The waterproof design allows you to read anywhere without the fear of ruining your device. Bathtub reading? Check.

Kara Quill / TODAY

If you prefer listening to reading, the Kindle Oasis also supports Audible subscriptions so you can carry around all of your favorite audiobooks. The device also has Bluetooth-enabled speakers so you can listen anywhere.

Something that surprised me about this e-reader is how well it holds a charge. I use my Kindle quite regularly and I think I've only charged it three times since purchasing it a few months ago.

Yes, I still buy regular books

While I love the Kindle Oasis for many reasons, I can't quite kick my book-buying habit. For books that I plan on keeping for a long time, want to reference in the future or that I'm particularly excited about, I still like purchasing a hard copy. If you also can't let go of your love for physical copies, I suggest checking out to help support your local book stores!

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