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Jimmy Fallon just dropped his new line of day-to-night 'P'Jimmies'

From jumpsuits to socks, we can't wait to wear these PJs all day long.
Courtesy Alex Mill

People who love to wear their pajamas all day and night will be excited to hear that Jimmy Fallon just dropped his new line of "P'Jimmies." The Tonight Show host teamed up with clothing brand Alex Mill to create the perfect day-to-night pajamas that are meant to be mixed and matched, and we can't wait to lounge around the clock in them.

“With all the time we’ve been spending at home in our PJs, we kept thinking — why can’t we do more than just sleep in them?" said Somsack Sikhounmuong, the co-founder and creative director of the brand.

"After a chance encounter with Jimmy who turned out to be thinking the same thing, we got together to create a collection of really well-made and super comfortable and cool pajamas for walking our dogs, running errands, and just hanging out in all day long," Sikhounmuong said. "Hence the pockets, the fun stripes, the great colors. We want you to mix and match them for whatever you might be doing.”

P'Jimmies Dream Suit

To make things even better, 100% of the profits on this limited-edition holiday line will be donated to Feeding America, an organization that works to end hunger around the U.S.

The pajamas are made to be as comfortable as possible, and include lots of pockets so they can function just the same as your regular clothes. The bright and cozy sleepwear collection is unisex, but certain styles come in sizes for both men and women.

There are a variety of products in the collection from socks to sleeping masks, so no matter what your budget this holiday season you can find something in your range. If you're ready to spend your days in comfortable style, read on to take a look at more of the "P'Jimmies" collection.

1. P'Jimmies Sleep Shirt

This comfy cotton shirt will take you straight from your work from home office to your bed at the end of the night.

2. P'Jimmies Sleep Pant

These classic striped PJ pants are available in red and blue, as well as multicolored for those who like to add a little extra pizazz to their style.

3. P'Jimmies Sweatshirt

This is so soft, you won't have to break it in! The cozy look is perfect to wear with your P'Jimmies Sleep Short! You can easily go from your bed to Zoom with this sweatshirt. Plus, if you're more into short sleeves, check out the line's P'Jimmies Tee.

4. P'Jimmies Face Mask

In 2020, you definitely need a face mask to match your look! This hand-sewn mask is actually made from leftover fabric. The design features adjustable ear loops and has a pocket if you'd like to add a filter.

5. P'Jimmies Bandana

This bandana is perfect for a pup! We know that your dog is a part of your family, so of course it needs a matching handkerchief to go along with your outfit. This multicolored striped handkerchief will make the perfect accessory for your pet or for yourself!

6. P'Jimmies Socks

Don't forget about decking out your feet in stripes! These cotton socks are soft and can be worn with slippers or gym shoes for a quick errand.

7. P'Jimmies Cashmere Nightcap

Speaking of head-to-toe stripes, this cashmere hat it perfect for chilly nights! This hat comes in yellow, red and blue and will keep you nice and warm.