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Jambys are the coziest WFH loungewear I've tried

Jambys aren't your typical sweatpants.
Illustration of Abigail Barr in 2 photos, wearing a purple sweater and sweatpant Jambys set, while playing on her Nintendo switch and reading a book
TODAY Illustration / Abigail Barr

When I’m working from home, I’m usually glued to my computer for more than nine hours a day, often forgetting to move or get up to stretch my legs. The one thing I never forgot, though, is how uncomfortable sitting hunched over my computer in jeans felt. I wanted a solution that made me feel cozy while working – and sitting – at home.

While I was searching for comfy lounge clothes, I stumbled upon Jambys, a company that makes boxers, t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants. When I visited their bright, colorful website, and read about the breathable, yet super soft fabrics, I was excited to place my order.

They did not disappoint.

Jambys Long Pants

Jambys House Hoodie

When the lavender-mint Jamby pants and hoodie arrived and I tried them on for a Zoom meeting, I was shocked at how snuggly I felt. It was hard to keep a straight face when I was feeling the fabric. It’s how I imagine babies feel when they’re swaddled. They have a relaxed, slightly oversized fit that feels lounge-worthy. Though, as a new and relatively small company, their prices are not as low as other big retailers, the high-quality material made the splurge worth it to me.

Whenever I put them on, I am completely at-ease and ready to do my work. And at the end of the day, when I pack away my laptop, I’m ready to slip into relaxation mode. I regret the days that I have to throw my Jambys in the wash because I love wearing them so much.

What’s different about Jambys?

The founders of Jambys pointed out that oftentimes the clothes people lounge in have other intended purposes: your mesh shorts were probably intended for basketball, or your leggings were originally invented for yoga. Jambys were created just for relaxation. (They also feel slightly more presentable than your favorite old t-shirt or college sweatpants.)

Their clothes are made of mostly modal, which is a fabric that feels comfier than cotton. The unisex offerings come in eight different colors and seven sizes from x-small to xxx-large.

The designs, along with keeping you comfortable, also stay in place. Their hoodies have micomodal lining that ensures they don’t ride up, which I found to be true. And the Jambys boxers, a particularly popular item, boast “no-crotch-flash technology” so you can lounge without concern of a wardrobe malfunction.

Though, in case you don’t love them, Jambys does have an oddly specific 77-day return period. Which might come in handy for those who prefer their clothes tight, as these pieces have a much more relaxed and loose fit.

For me, my Jambys have quickly become my work from home uniform, and weekend go-to, and every-time-in-between wear.

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