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These clever hooks keep my car organized and clutter free — and they're only $6

Finally, there's an easier way to keep my groceries from rolling around my car floor.
Split image of a bag hook for the car
Courtesy Janelle Leeson

While in the car, having water bottles rolling around, groceries sliding off your passenger seat or your purse tipping over the moment you step on the brake are not only major annoyances but also extreme driving hazards. Yet, these things seem to happen all too often.

Luckily, I found a $6 solution to my potentially dangerous problem(s). It's a set of ingenious car seat hangers that over 22,0000 Amazon shoppers have already sworn by for preventing spills, mess and back seat clutter.

EldHus Headrest Hook Hangers (Pack of 4)

These curl-shaped car hangers, which come in packs of four, are made of durable plastic with sturdy metal clips that easily latch onto the rods of your car's headrests. They fit almost flawlessly onto both the front and back seats of my Subaru Forester (they work great even though they don’t sit flush). There's no sticky adhesive or permanent attachments required, and the clasps snap into place in seconds.

Once attached, they can swivel to face the front or back of the car for easy access. And best of all, the hangers never rattle while I'm driving, even when nothing is hanging to weigh them down.

Hand holding a black car hook
Courtesy Janelle Leeson

The minimalist design of these car hangers is half the appeal. They blend seamlessly into my car’s interior, and I hardly notice them when not in use.

Basically, they’re a must-have for anyone who wants (read: needs) to keep their car organized and clutter free. I use them mostly to keep my backpack or purse and water bottle secure and within reach, so that they're right there to grab and go as soon as I arrive at my destination.

As one reviewer notes, they’re also helpful for parents who keep a lot of their kid’s stuff in the car, like toys, diapers and sports gear. Another reviewer noted that because they’re on the road so much, the hangers are essential for stowing their in-vehicle toiletry bag.

Image of a car hook for bag and water bottles
Courtesy Janelle Leeson

All-in-all, this set of hangers is a small investment that has made a considerable impact on my car’s clutter and (safe) access to my belongings while driving. Whether you're running weekend errands or making a quick trip to the grocery store, you’ll want one — or four — of these car hangers to keep your belongings secure ... as opposed to sliding from one end of your car to the other.