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19 summer must-haves to keep you relaxed and sweat-free all summer

Get ready for pool parties and barbecues with these must-haves.
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It is officially summer, which means now is the time for lazy beach days and fabulous pool parties. We know you've already stocked your closet with your summer staples (rainbow accessories and lightweight linens are flying off the shelves). But you're probably still in need of summer must-haves to perfect your next summer soiree or warm weather road trip.

Luckily, style and trend expert Brittney Levine stopped by TODAY with Hoda and Jenna to share the products she is psyched to use this summer. Whether you're off to your next tropical destination or simply looking for ways to beat the heat, we've got you covered with top essentials to make your summer fun, cool and relaxing.

Keep reading to shop these summer must-haves, from chic inflatable pools to cooling pearl jewelry.

Summer must-haves, according to experts

Hot Girl Pearls The Wonder Women Package

In terms of pulse points that have the power to cool you down, your wrist is one of the most powerful. Levine highlights these pearls for their ability to combat summer hot flashes in style. Freeze the pearls in the free freezable travel pouch for at least four hours and receive cooling relief for 30 minutes.

No Sweat Store Hat Sweat Liners

Although a brimmed hat can complete your coastal grandmother look, your makeup and sweat may have other plans. To solve this problem, Levine recommends these sweat liners that are designed to absorb the sweat that accumulates in your hats. The sweat liners, which come in packs of 3, 6, 12 and more, help your hat stay clean and your face sweat-free.

Swoobie Absorbent Bra Liners

About 82 percent of women deal with bra sweat, according to Swoobie. These bra liners are Levine's pick for preserving your bras, preventing irritation and avoiding sweat stains. Available in three sizes, the liners provide all-day protection, according to the brand.

Wrought Studio 32 Quart Artem Cooler

This trendy cooler-meets-cocktail-table is durable and weather-resistant resin that protects against decay, rust and other weather-related damage, according to the brand. Levine recommends this product as a summer decor piece that stands out.

Hello Gorgeous Clementine and Peach 4-Pack

Levine would like everyone to know that this isn't your sorority party spiked seltzer. Hello Gorgeous infuses rosé made from a family-owned vineyard in Provence and French vodka with botanical flavorings and mineral water to capture the spirit and ethos of the French Riviera.

Grand Fusion Icy Bev Kooler

Available in red and black, this personal beverage cooler looks like a water bottle, but actually stores and insulates your preferred beverage to keep it cold. Whether you want a cold drink on your camping trip or a refreshing beverage by the pool, you can satisfy your desires with this drink cooler that is less than $20.

Untuckit No Sweat Heathered Polo

Are sweat stains your worst nightmare? Untuckit's No Sweat heathered polo uses sweat-wicking technology to keep your shirt dry and odorless, according to the brand. Levine notes the polo's wrinkle-free, stretchy material that will keep you cool and fresh all summer.

Fair Harbor The Anchor

Fair Harbor's Breezeknit liners are designed to be soft, comfortable and "chafeless." Besides the anti-chafing technology, Levine sees these swim shorts as a standout product due to their quick-drying material and four-way stretch. The swimsuit is available in more than 20 patterns, so you might be tempted to grab more than one.

Minnidip Breezeblock Luxe Inflatable Pool

Minnidip's inflatable pools are going viral on TikTok for a good reason: it is reportedly the first designer inflatable pool brand. Although the brand has so many patterns to choose from, Levine chose this option that has a simple, eye-catching pattern and tufts for optimized tanning comfort.

Minnidip Speckled Terrazzo Pup Dip Dog Pool

If your furry friend wants to go for a dip too, you can treat them with Minnidip's Pup Dip dog pool. With a bottom panel made from heavy-duty vinyl, this doggy pool is safe from puppy popping, according to the brand.

Funboy x Malibu Barbie Golf Cart Pool Float

Take your Barbie dream car to the pool with this limited-edition float. An ode to the nostalgia of Malibu Barbie, this pool float is fun for both teens and adults. It features two cup holders and has a removable sunshade — like Barbie's convertible!

Funboy Golf Cart Float

Golf carts aren't just for the courses. Whether you're coming from a day of golfing or looking to upgrade your average float, this hole-in-one-themed float allows up to two people and features a removable shade.

Dock & Bay Quick Dry Towels

Say goodbye to soggy towels with this quick-dry, sand-free towel. According to the brand, it's made of polyester that allows it to dry three times faster than the normal cotton towel and won't trap sand in the fabric. Plus it comes in over 20 colors to choose from.

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

Just because there aren't any outlets in the park or beach doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite smoothie or margarita. This portable blender has a charge for up to 15 uses and is lightweight, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

Fortessa Tritan Outdoor Margarita Glasses (Set of 6)

Have peace of mind while serving poolside margs and don't stress about broken glass with these shatter-proof glasses. Coming in a pack of vibrant hues or classic clear, they're made from BPA-free tritan plastic and actually look like real glass.

Hemlock Hat Co. Straw Hat

Keep the sun off your face with this 100 percent straw-made hat. Coming in a variety of fun island-themed patterns, this product provides extra protection against harmful rays with UBF 50.

Southern Tide Short Sleeve Button Down

Made of linen and rayon, this button-down will have you staying cool all summer long. It comes in a wide variety of prints, from tropical themes to coastal hues.

Southern Tide Shorts

Shorts that are lightweight and feature moisture-control technology are must-haves for summer. Made of nylon and polyester, Southern Tide offers a wide selection of active and quick-dry shorts.

Southern Tide Men's Sand Flipjacks

Look beach- or boat-ready with these premium leather sandals. They feature non-slip soles, making them a great option for boating or while walking along other slippery areas.

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