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This $8 odor eliminating spray is my secret to smelling fresh all day

Onions? Pet odors? Cigarette smoke? No problem.
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Some things just always stink. A kindergartner's lunchbox, a high schooler's sports equipment, a dog's favorite spot on the sofa, clothes after eating in a smoky restaurant ... and the list goes on.

Back where I’m from in Louisiana, Tex Mex is almost like a religion. But, a weekly visit to my favorite dive for margaritas, enchiladas and guacamole often creates certain odors that linger in my hair after I pay the bill.

I used to strategically plan Tex Mex outings after a workout or on a day I knew I won’t run into friends, so I could quickly return home to take a long shower. Then, I found this miraculous odor eliminating spray.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray, $8, Amazon

Gone were the days of running home to change blouses or wash my hair to get rid of the burnt fajita stench.

Behold: the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray. It masks the stink of literally anything. And, I mean anything — hibachi food, pet stores, cigarette smoke, fish markets, cookouts. It’s also been great for common household odors and pet accidents.

A few spritzes make my clothes smell like a cross between a spa and a bathroom cleaned with Pine Sol. It’s safe to use on clothing, upholstery, trash cans, luggage and more. Try a recipe that went totally wrong? No problem!

I even give my hair a few tiny sprays if I want to save my blowout for one more day. Made with just water and natural oils, it’s kid and pet-friendly, too.

I keep a spray bottle under my sink at all times, because I never know when a stench might strike.

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