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Celebrity chef Curtis Stone reveals his surprising kitchen essentials

He also shares some tips for those who might be tired of cooking at home.
Curtis Stone
Like the rest of us, the chef prefers to stay comfortable while working in his home kitchen. Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

This year, it seems we've all broken out our culinary skills and started to get familiar with our kitchens. From TikTok recipes to sourdough starters, making meals and baking sweets at home became a popular pastime for those looking to find new a new hobby or relieve some stress. But for celebrity chef Curtis Stone, all this time at home meant more time on Zoom calls.

Stone has spent the last few months gearing up for the release of his new series on QVC and HSN streaming channels, "Travel, Cook, Repeat," which takes viewers to places where exquisite dishes are cooked, from his home country Australia all the way to Spain.

"We thought we'd do dishes that everyone could achieve at home and show them how to do that in the comfort of their own home," Stone told Shop TODAY. The show combines the best of both worlds for those of us who long for the days where we'll be able to travel again but have also come to love spending more time in the kitchen.

While Stone relies on a multitude of products to help him (and sometimes, his little ones) prepare tasty meals, two of them have nothing to do with the actual outcome of the dish. Spending hours on your feet in the kitchen can be taxing on your body, and Stone revealed some of the items he uses at all times to keep comfortable.

He told Shop TODAY that he relies on his anti-fatigue floor mat when preparing recipes in the kitchen, and even in other areas of the house to ease the stress on his body from standing.

Curtis Stone Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Floor Mat

"I always put that mat on the floor wherever it is I'm standing, whether it's in the kitchen or the laundry room," Stone said, noting that he uses it for a variety of household tasks.

To up the level of comfort, Stone also switches to a more comfortable shoe when he is working in the kitchen. His go-to pair of shoes for when he's whipping up a meal at-home? A fashionable clog from a brand that makes one of our favorite sandals: Birkenstocks.

Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Leather Clog

"I wear Birkenstocks in the kitchen, they're sort of kitchen clogs," Stone said. "They're super comfortable."

This pair differs from typical open-toe shoes that are a popular summer style. They not only feature a leather upper, but the footbed is also cushioned for a soft, comfortable feel.

While Stone's go-to's for comfort might not make the actual process of cooking easier, there are some steps you can take to make it more appealing.

If you haven't necessarily loved being the cook of the house while at home, Stone recommends sitting down at the beginning of the week and thinking about what you want to eat.

"Being organized is key, knowing what you're going to cook and planning that out," Stone said. "Maybe ordering the food from some kind of delivery service so you don't even have to leave, you don't have to do the grocery shopping. There really are good, simple recipes you can do but it's just that planning and organizing that's important."

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