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How to get Bonne Maman’s beloved Advent calendar before it sells out

It's the tastiest way to kick off the holidays!
Bonne Maman

It may not be fall yet, but we already have the holiday season on our minds. Between scoping out the hottest holiday toys, to finding the perfect gifts to give everyone in the family, our excitement for the season is only growing.

And, of course, while it’s still early, there’s no better way to prep for the holidays than with an Advent calendar. And Bonne Maman just dropped the 2023 version of its beloved jam-filled calendar. 

Bonne Maman 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

When you open up the festive calendar, you'll find 24 doors — and behind each of them is a different spread (and there's one jar of honey in there, too). Bonne Maman may be best known for its raspberry preserves, but the flavors in the calendar include unique and tasty combos, like apricot and banana, caramel with cinnamon, fig with cardamom, raspberry with dark chocolate rhubarb and strawberry and guava and many more.

Along with new flavors, the calendar also features a new design and artwork, and the Santa’s Workshop illustration is perfect for displaying on your counter to add a festive feel to your home.

While it may seem early to be buying your Advent calendar, Bonne Maman's tends to be one of the most talked about options every year — and repeatedly sells out early in the holiday season. So it's better to order it now and be counting down the days until you can open your first jar, rather than missing out on it altogether.

"I’ve been editing holiday coverage for about three years now and I haven’t seen more people get hyped over a single product as they do with Bonne Maman’s Advent calendar," shares senior SEO editor Jess Bender. "As a food lover, I totally get it — the opportunity to savor a new jam/spread every day for over three weeks sounds like a delightful time."

She adds that, "the biggest selling point for me is that you’re getting something completely different every day of the countdown, which isn’t as common as you’d expect with Advent calendars."

Because of their popularity, there is a maximum of two calendars per order. That means you can get one for yourself and another to gift a loved one.

Bender gave one to a friend last year, and she says it "made her year." "My friend was delighted by the classic spreads like rhubarb strawberry and cinnamon caramel apple, but my palate naturally gravitated towards more ambitious limited-edition flavors. (She was kind enough to share the pots she wasn’t going to eat herself.) Bright flavors like orange yuzu grapefruit serve as an instant mood-booster, so I recommend saving the citrus-y pots for drearier days when an extra boost of sunshine is essential; while other creations like cherry elderflower and fig cardamom delivered warmer, more herbaceous notes that were reminiscent of classic Christmas."

Each calendar costs $44.99 and the brand says it may take up to five to seven business days for your order to process.