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This $6 blind spot mirror is a must-have for cautious drivers

It also helps with tricky parking situations.

Unlike most teenagers, I was not especially eager to get my license once I turned 16. In fact, I still kind of hate driving and have not missed it ever since I moved to New York City and gave up my car. I get tense and nervous behind the wheel, so I made it my mission to buy basically any product that makes driving easier and safer.

While most of them felt like unnecessary purchases, there's one product I discovered that I think almost every driver should have on their car: blind spot mirrors.

If you're looking for an affordable option, this two-pack by Ampper is currently the bestselling blind spot mirror on Amazon with over 1,400 rave 5-star reviews. And, at just $6, it's a great value.

Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

So what exactly is a blind spot mirror?

It's a small, 2-inch circular mirror that attaches to your side mirrors to help add increased visibility of your "blind spot." To install, you remove the adhesive backing and stick it on the upper or lower outer corner of your mirror (I went with the lower corner).


While it shouldn't replace looking over your shoulder, the small mirror definitely adds an extra sense of security when driving in inclement weather and packed highways. It's saved me quite a few times from changing lanes a bit too early and makes me feel safer when it's not entirely possible to look over my shoulder.

Amazon customers swear by this mirror, with several praising the swiveling base that makes adjusting the view incredibly easy even when it's stuck on for good.

"Now I can see much further outwards, beyond the normal blind spot limits, before making lane changes," one reviewer raved while another added, "They help out tremendously when you can't turn your head completely around to check the blind spot."

Others have even noted it can help with tricky parking situations as well.

"These are also great when you're backing up into a parking spot," one reviewer wrote. "You can see the parking lines on both sides in relation to your car and do a perfect job backing in. No more back and forth adjustments."


While I still physically turn to check my blind spot when possible, this small and affordable addition might just make your daily commute even safer.

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