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The best glasses for your face shape, according to an expert

On a quest for the perfect frames? We see you, and we've got you covered.
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At an eye exam the day before my 30th birthday, my doctor suggested I change my reading glasses out for something more permanent: progressive lenses that would help not only with seeing things up close, but also with things like reading street signs while driving.

Thus began my now decade-long relationship with wearing glasses for most of the day. During that time, my prescription has remained mostly the same, leaving me with several pairs of glasses lying around.

The problem? Like my preferred dog breed (two-time Chihuahua owner here!) and my Starbucks order, I have a type. I'm a creature of habit, one who owns more pairs of oval-framed tortoiseshell glasses than I care to admit.

How to find the perfect glasses frames

At age 40, I wanted a change, so I chatted with Erin Chaput, who handles merchandising and product development for Liingo Eyewear. Chaput says the number one thing people ask for when searching for the perfect frame is help finding what their face shape is. But while it's good to know whether you're a heart-shaped or an oval, Chapt offers a different piece of advice.

"We want people to embrace wearing what they love to wear, regardless of what their face shape is," Chaput told Shop TODAY. "If you have rounder features but you love a round frame, we're going to say, 'If you love it, rock it.' But then we know there are people who want to accentuate certain features while finding something they still love."

How to determine your face shape

The four face shapes Chaput focuses on in her work at Liingo are hearts, circles, squares and ovals, and each have frames best suited for those features.

To find your face shape, Chaput has a unique suggestion.

"What's really fun to to and a bit more interactive than measuring your face with a measuring tape is to look in a mirror and draw the outline of your face with some cheap lipstick or cream eyeshadow," she said. "Then, look at the shape in the mirror and that will help give you some direction."

Chaput gave Shop TODAY the scoop on finding the perfect glasses for each face shape, as well as some reasons each type of frame works best for them.

Frames for heart-shaped faces

Chaput suggests people with a heart-shaped faces avoid "super oversized frames" and frames with a "super heavy bottom."

"We want you to focus on rounder oval glasses that don't give you as many harsh lines," said Chaput. "Your chin is a bit more chiseled when you have a heart-shaped face and these help balance out any hard lines."

Martini Oval Tortoise Eyeglasses

These frames are adorned in a trendy mix of tortoiseshell and pastel pink. Aside from the "unique" color palette, reviewers also love how lightweight they are. One even proclaimed, "I have to check that I am actually wearing glasses — so light and comfortable."

Lens Direct "Prince" Eyeglasses

Finding inspiration from the '50s, these metal glasses can be purchased in two tortoise colors and two solid black versions. For those who work long hours, a reviewer said they offer a non-prescription option with blue light blocking lenses.

Star Cat Eye Gold Eyeglasses

Available in five dainty colors from lavender to mint, these metal frames are perfect for heart-shaped faces. "I’ve been looking for a pair of semi-rimless frames for a while now that are a little more glam than your standard issue frame, and these fit the bill perfectly!" one satisfied customer said.

Warby Parker "Whalen" Eyeglasses

With round frames, scalloped detailing and a keyhole bridge, these timeless glasses are sure to be a perfect fit. They're also available in two widths and six modern colors.

Frames for circle-shaped faces

"For this, we want to avoid anything that is too small," Chaput explained. "Generally, we also want to avoid round frames or anything that is super deep and oversized so you avoid hitting your cheekbones. This is because when you smile, your glasses will move up and down on your face."

Geometric frames to balance out facial roundness and frames that have an oversized cat eye and a flat bottom are also perfect for this face shape, according to Chaput.

Octave Geometric Rose Gold Eyeglasses

Make a statement in these geometric-shaped glasses, which come in metallic shades of rose gold, gold and silver. With a near-perfect 4.9-star average, reviewers love their "funky style" and thin wiring.

Lens Direct "Blair" Eyeglasses

These '60s-inspired angular glasses from Lens Direct come in a ton of neutral shades from solid black to variations of brown tortoiseshell. You can also shop a range of prescriptions, ranging from progressives with digital HD freeform lenses to standard over-the-counter readers with plenty of magnification.

Warby Parker "Hughes" Eyeglasses

These easy-to-wear square frames from Warby Parker come in tortoiseshell and black, but also in translucent shades of blue and brown. They're also available in four widths — from extra narrow to wide — and can be ordered with blue light filtering or light-responsive lenses.

Quartet Cat Eye Clear Eyeglasses

The classic cat eye gets a breath of fresh air thanks to these semi-translucent frames from Quartet. Customers don't just love the "flirty" flair of this style. According to one reviewer, "The clear frames keep the plastic from overshadowing your face while keeping the funky fun 1960's shape. They're also super comfortable to wear for hours at a time. "

Frames for square-shaped faces

Similar to heart-shaped faces, Chaput says square-faced people should avoid frames that are too angular or geometric.

"We recommend you stick with rounder frames," she said.

Ottoto Piero Eyeglasses

Shoppers don't just love the vintage, well-rounded silhouette of these Ottoto glasses. They also adore the eclectic range of colors available (they're available in six cool palettes) and how lightweight they are.

Warby Parker "Haskell" Eyeglasses

Round lenses and a simple design with slim temple arms and a sleek keyhole bridge combine with interesting colors like crystal and green for these Warby Parker frames. "Westend Merion Village" Eyeglasses

These sophisticated, stylish cat eye frames come in pink, blue tortoise and solid black. Reviewers particularly love the affordable price tag, with one even saying that they can "stay trendy and the quality doesn't suffer!"

Moxie Aviator Golden Eyeglasses

A metal aviator-style frame, these glasses come in a classic shade of gold. Not only do they look ridiculously cool, but they also fit like a dream thanks to adjustable nose pads that keep your frames secure on your face.

Frames for oval-shaped faces

Chaput says when it comes to choosing glasses, those with oval face shapes have it the easiest.

"If you have an oval face shape, you're really lucky because you can pretty much wear whatever you want," said Chaput. "You can do anything — oversized, wider frames, oblong or oval."

Sixto Square Mellow Yellow Eyeglasses

With a subtle nod to groovy '70s frame styles, these glasses come in colors like mellow yellow and teal. The throwback design isn't the only thing shoppers are loving. According to one reviewer who gave these a perfect five stars, "My peripheral vision has never been so clear and I feel fresh to death." "Westend Mill Creek" Eyeglasses

These oval-shaped frames come in three shades of tortoiseshell print, which will be easy to make you stand out in a crowd. They're also designed with silicone nose pads to help your frames stay comfortably in place all day.

Warby Parker "Maren" Eyeglasses

With an understated cat eye design and materials like stainless steel and hand-polished cellulose acetate, these polished frames from Warby Parker are a timeless style that'll last you a long while.

Alba Aviator Light Tortoise Eyeglasses

From the stylish metal embellishment on the frame to the interesting tortoiseshell color choices, these frames are great for oval face shapes. Shoppers gave these frames a near-flawless 4.9-star average, with one even stating, "I’ve received more compliments on these frames than any other in recent memory."

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