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This unique litter box has saved me hours on cleaning my apartment

If you (like me) are tired of vacuuming litter from the floor, you need this.
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I love my cat but I can't stand cat litter — and I feel like that's something that most cat owners can relate to.

Thankfully, I solved this problem with the best litter box ever.

I adopted my kitten Ollie in December and when he’s not running around my apartment, he’s pretty adorable. But, there’s one thing about him that drives me crazy — my kitten throws his cat litter everywhere.

Best cat litter box
Isn't he cute?Aline Peres Martins

Even worse, is that he likes to spread the litter into every corner of the bathroom and according to cat people on Facebook, this is a thing called “tracking.” It became so problematic that I bought a new hand vacuum and use it everyday.

When I got to the point of vacuuming twice every day and realized this was no way to live, I almost considered giving Ollie away. Okay… maybe not but I did decide to look for another solution.

That’s when I found the Iris top-entry cat litter box.

Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box

I found this litter box on the Amazon bestsellers list and the reviews appeared overwhelmingly positive.

Despite the reviews, I was hesitant but decided to make the purchase since the $35 price tag seemed reasonable. If it would save me from constantly vacuuming, I was willing to try anything.

After a few months, I can say the purchase was worth it. Ollie uses it every day and the amount of litter tracked out of the box has definitely diminished. Outside of my regular cleaning schedule, I never have to perform an “emergency vacuum" job.

He also loves to hang out on the top of it while he watches me brush my teeth in the morning.

best cat litter box iris
Ollie the kitten sits on his new litter box ... note the lack of litter on the floor.Aline Peres Martins

The high walls of the litter box keep most of the litter from spraying out as Ollie performs his usual acrobatics. Since he has to enter from the top and walk across some grooves to leave the box, any litter that would usually get caught in his paws falls off before he makes it to the ground.

The Iris litter box comes in six colors meaning that you can match it with your household decor. It also comes in a more affordable version though I prefer the refined look of the one I own.

Basic Iris Top-Entry Litter Box

Ollie may love his top-entry litter box, but we also reached out to a veterinarian to find some expert-approved options along with advice on what cat owners should look for in a new box. Dr. Carly fox, a staff vet at NYC's Animal Medical Center, shared her tips for picking the perfect litter box. She also advised we look at five great options to try.

The best litter boxes according to a veterinarian

1. Iris Top-Entry Cat Litter Box

Fox seconded our love of the Iris top-entry litter box because it looks sleek and keeps the area around the box cleaner than other models.

2. Van Ness Giant High Sided Cat Litter Box

This litter box boasts high sides and lots of space for cats to move around and do their business, Fox said.

3. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Similar to the top-entry litter box, this box stops cats from kicking litter around or missing the box. Depending on your cat's preference, it can be set up with or without a door.

4. Pet Mate Large Sifting Litter Pan

This box is the size and shape of a basic litter box with the added bonus of coming with a built in sifting pan, which takes the hard work out of scooping the box daily.

5. Iris USA 41 Quart Plastic Storage Box

Fox recommends this inexpensive and unconventional litter box for multiple cats because of the shape and size. Each cat can carve out its own area without having to share with brothers and sisters.

Wanting to do your own shopping? Dr. Fox explained exactly what you should be looking for when choosing a perfect litter box.

How to choose a litter box

1. Cats prefer bigger litter boxes: The right litter box size with vary depending on the size of your cat. Fox said a cat's litter box should be as long as the cat from its head to the tip of its tail and as wide as its head to its butt (minus the tail).

2. Always have multiple options for litter boxes: A good rule of thumb to have n-plus-one litter boxes in your home, meaning that if you have one cat you should ideally have two litter boxes and if you have two cats you should have three litter boxes.

3. Consider wall height: If you have a small kitten or older cat with mobility issues, use a box with low sides, preferably two to three inches high.

4. Keep it clean: Fox recommends scooping soiled litter daily and fully cleaning out the box at least once a week.

5. Bottom line: Picking a litter box is all about what your cat likes and is used to, Fox told TODAY. If you start them on a certain type of litter box while they're young, they'll be more likely to adapt to whatever your preference is.

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