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A podiatrist says this is one of the top sneaker brands he recommends to patients

Lightweight, comfortable and good for your feet? Yes, please!
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If you've ever asked your friends or colleagues what their go-to brand is for comfortable sneakers, there's a good chance that Asics made its way into the conversation.

The classic brand is known for its comfortable footwear that can be worn for everything from runs to long days on your feet. And Dr. Miguel Cunha, a podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare, says that Asics is among the "most recommended brands of sneakers" in his practice.

So what makes them so good for your feet? We asked Dr. Cunha to walk us through the benefits of the shoes and some of his favorite pairs.

Are Asics sneakers good for your feet?

According to Cunha, "everyone can wear Asics" and he recommends them to a range of people, "as they can comfortably accommodate any foot type," he says.

As compared to other sneakers, Cunha says that Asics' shoes have a handful of key features that make them beneficial for your feet. For starters, he says that the shoes are "biomechanically superior" to most sneakers since they feature a structured saddle, synthetic upper and cushioned collar. Plus, they have a rubber sole that is flexible, durable and has "maximum shock absorbing properties and cushioning that not only maximizes motion control and minimizes arch fatigue, but ultimately allows for a smoother and more natural motion when walking," he says.

Asics also tend to be more lightweight than other sneakers and have spacious toe boxes (more room to wiggle!) and rigid heel counters. The last feature helps protect our heels, which is important since the area is "where we absorb all the impact and shock with every step we take," he says

For those with flat feet, the shoes offer some additional benefits, including a deep heel cup, well-cushioned footbed and molded EVA midsoles, which can all help prevent and help relieve some of the pain that people with that foot type might experience.

Here are some of the best pairs, according to Cunha and Shop TODAY team members.

The best Asics sneakers for women

Asics Women's WalkRide FlyteFoam Running Shoes

Looking for the perfect shoe for your daily walks? Cunha recommends the WalkRide FlyteFoam shoe for that purpose. He says that they "are designed with Guidesol technology and a rocker bottom sole that helps you roll through your gait." And he adds that it "offers superior durability and comfort with every step as you walk."

Asics Women's Gel Kayano 29

Designed for those with neutral arches or overpronators, Cunha recommends this sneaker from the brand, which he says has a "well-cushioned FF Blast Plus footbed and anatomical arch that is firmer and denser on the medial side of the shoe." The arch design specifically helps to support the plantar fascia (the ligament that connects your heel bone to the base of your toes at the bottom of your foot) and prevent it from collapsing, he says, as well as minimize the fatigue and pain that's associated with overpronation (which is common for those with flat feet).

Jennifer Birkhofer, vice president of commerce at NBC News is also a fan of these expert-approved sneakers. "They are the only shoes that protect my feet and knees enough when I run," she says.

Asics Women's Gel Nimbus 25

Cunha says that these shoes feature "increased shock absorption, stability and feel lightweight," for an overall comfortable fit.

Asics UB3-S Gel Nimbus 9

Social editorial assistant Annie Shigo says that she owns four pairs of Asics, including these ones, which she loves. "I wear them walking around, to the gym, everywhere. I dress them up and down," she says.

The best Asics sneakers for men

Asics Men’s Gel Nimbus 25

According to the brand, the Nimbus sneakers feature its Puregel technology, which helps provide lightweight cushioning and softer steps so you feel like you’re “landing on clouds.”

Asics Men’s Gel Kayano 29

This version of the brand's expert-recommended Gel Kayano sneaker has a redesigned heel counter, which is said to help stabilize your foot and make your stride more comfortable. It's also designed with a comfortable sockliner and stabilizing features on the sole.

Asics Men’s WalkRide FlyteFoam Running Shoes

With breathable mesh and FlyteFoam cushioning, these shoes are designed to keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable.

Meet our expert

Dr. Miguel Cunha, DPM, is a podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare in New York City. His interests include all areas of podiatric medicine with an emphasis on cosmetic surgery and sports medicine injuries.