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It's officially too hot for all my clothes — this set is my go-to outfit for 90 degree weather

It's the perfect day-to-night outfit, too!
Woman wearing a black linen short and matching top set outside
Courtesy Becca Delman

This summer, the heat waves that have been hitting the United States have been brutal — and I'm seriously struggling with it. Keeping cool has been the only thing on my mind these last few months. With each day and night scorching hot, it's a daily struggle to decide on what clothes to put on my body. And as a mom with a son who is constantly begging to go to the park, all it takes is 30 minutes of outdoor playtime for whatever outfit I chose to become absolutely drenched.

With temperatures reaching over 90 degrees, it’s too hot for jeans and leggings practically stick to my body when I step outside. The effort to find tank tops that are cooling and t-shirts that don’t make me look frumpy are a struggle. Each day I swear I stare at my closet for at least 10 minutes, contemplating potential outfits and ultimately drawing a blank.

Luckily, I recently discovered this two-piece set from Amazon and was immediately intrigued.

AUTOMET Women's Two Piece Lounge Matching Set

The material is lightweight and flattering

I was hesitant to buy it at first, though. The lightweight linen material sounded appealing, but can I pull off a two-piece? (Spoiler: Yes, I can!). I loved that it was a matching top and bottom set that gave the illusion of a romper, but without the torture of difficult bathroom access (romper-wearers, you know what I am talking about). The outfit is stylish, affordable and requires little to no thought when getting dressed for the day. Plus, the material felt like I was barely wearing clothing!

It fits true to size

I love how many color options the set comes in, too. I ordered two colors in a size medium and large (I'm typically a size 8 or 10), and the medium fit perfectly. I have a short torso and a larger chest, so I wish the medium top was a tiny bit longer, but overall the fit is great.

The length of the top covered all the right places. The sleeves cut a little past my armpit, giving my arms a nice long look. The shorts can be worn high-waisted or pulled a little lower if you'd like to show off your waist.

You can dress it up or down

The outfit is also pretty versatile. With a jacket and heels, it allows for some day-to-night action.

That said, it's important to note that the outfit's material requires a good steam to reduce wrinkles before wear. For someone looking for a fast outfit, this will require an additional five minutes of prep time in the morning.

Overall, I've worn this outfit all day during scorching temperatures and could not have been more comfortable (and cool!). Me, a mom with an aversion to two-piece sets loving this pick?! Yes! And at only $37, it's certainly worth trying — trust me.