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The fastest and easiest way to get someone's attention

The fastest and easiest way to get someone's attention is ...
/ Source: TODAY

The fastest (and easiest) way to turn a man’s head is simple enough for every single one of us to do ... Today! Break out your favorite shade of red lipstick, match it with a sexy attitude and you’ll find men glancing your way all day long.

A study done at Manchester University found that in the ten seconds after meeting a woman for the first time, the average man spends more than half that time looking at her mouth. And, they spent longer — a full 7 seconds — looking at the lips if a woman was wearing red lipstick!

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Red lipstick as an attraction tool dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used red lipstick to enhance their appearance.

A study in France also found that red lipstick boosted female waitresses’ tips from male customers (as compared to other colors, or no lipstick). Though, the lipstick made no difference in how female patrons tipped.

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So if you’re feeling like you need a little male attention (married women — it’s fine for you to do too!), splurge on a new shade of red, and unleash your inner "femme fatale."

One thing to keep in mind before you go shopping: There are so many shades of red, it can seem overwhelming to find the right color for you! Experts recommend choosing a color that flatters your skin tone. Here are few tips!