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Watch John Travolta teach Jimmy Fallon his iconic 'Grease' dance moves

Forty years ago, Travolta suggested an electrifying move that made it to the film!
/ Source: TODAY

It's been 40 years since John Travolta dazzled us with his moves in "Grease," but on Wednesday's "Tonight Show," he proved he's still got it.

We got chills ... they're multiplyin'!

As Travolta, 64, revealed to "Tonight" host Jimmy Fallon, he not only can still bust out the dance routines ... he actually helped create one!

Travolta stepped in when a choreographer for "Grease" needed a move for the end-of-movie scene at the high school carnival (where his character, Danny, and Olivia Newton-John's character, Sandy, reunite).

"The four corners!" he explained. "Like in 'Pulp Fiction,' I grew up with all these novelty dances. So in 'Grease' they needed a step for 'You're the One That I Want' at the end. So I said, 'Well, we used to do the four corners, why don't we do that?'"

He showed his foot-moving, hip-shaking number to the choreographer, and just like that, it was in the film!

Fallon had to see, and try it for himself.

That wasn't Travolta's only stop in New York, or his only brush with grease: Dressed in a white jacket and black shirt reminiscent of his character Tony Manero from 1977's "Saturday Night Fever," he visited Lenny's Pizza in Brooklyn.

In "Fever," his character snacks on two slices of pizza from Lenny's, making the pizzeria a legend in the process.

Lenny's gave Travolta a special honor, and dozens of fans and even a few politicians showed up to cheer him on.

The event was also to promote "Gotti," a new movie with Travolta playing the notorious crime boss John Gotti.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston grabbed a slice or two at Brooklyn Celebrates John Travolta at Lenny's Pizza on June 12 in Brooklyn, New York.Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Clearly, Travolta still has all the right moves.

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