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Mandy Moore talks Rebecca's 'heartbreaking' future on 'This Is Us' season finale

Season three of "This Is Us" wrapped up by giving fans a glimpse at the Pearson family matriarch as they've never seen her before.
This Is Us
As season three comes to an end, "This Is Us" hints at another ending.This Is Us/YouTube
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Another season of "This Is Us" has come to an end, and once again, fans are left with one big question answered and some even bigger ones remaining.

Good thing the star at the center of the drama isn't keeping quiet about the "heartbreaking" twist the story took as it flashed forward — almost all the way to her final fate.

(Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched the season three finale of "This Is Us," what are you waiting for? Check it out, and then come back.)

To fully appreciate where season three left off, it's important to remember how season two wrapped up — with a plot leap that revealed a graying Randall and a grown-up Tess sharing a dark and heavy moment wherein he told her, "It's time to go see her."

At the time, viewers had no idea who "her" was or why the thought of seeing her seemed so sad. Well, now they know.

This Is Us
According to star Mandy Moore, the Rebecca fans saw on the season three finale is in the "final throes of her life."This Is Us/YouTube

The Pearson family gathered to see their aged and weakened matriarch, Rebecca, likely for the last time.

"I’m glad that we’re starting to tell that part of the story," Rebecca star Mandy Moore told Entertainment Weekly. "There are a lot of questions surrounding what may or may not ail Rebecca, and obviously, we can’t confirm or deny anything. But… clearly, there’s something going on. And in that sense, she’s just not the vibrant woman that I’ve known for the last three seasons. So to see her in that place is pretty… heartbreaking, you know?"

"That place" was in a hospital bed, in her 80s and dazed as her loved ones approached. Randall even introduced himself and repeated his name as he greeted her. There was no response from his mom.

Moore teased that the reason for Rebecca's apparent confusion and whatever ailment is behind it could take some time to explain — as in "the next season or two." But in this particular part of the time-hopping plot, the end is definitely nigh.

"We’re in the final throes of her life," Moore confirmed. "The last couple of weeks, I would say. You get that sense of urgency of the family gathering, for one reason or another, and in my mind, it’s to sort of say farewell."

This Is Us - Season 2
Mandy Moore as past-Rebecca on "This Is Us."Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Well, most of the family gathering. There was one notable exception — her second husband, Miguel. As for his fate, the actress assured that question will get an answer, too, one day. But not this day.

"We will definitely learn more about that," she told EW. "I don't know if it's going to be next season, or if it will be season five, but definitely."

The writers wouldn't dare be cruel enough to have Rebecca lose two husbands, would they?

Alas, Moore didn't answer that.

"This future world is a world that we will be living in on and off for the remainder of the series, to a certain degree," she said, assuring that all answers will come in time.

And that's a good thing, because there are more questions than ever after the finale — ones that are sure to have fans counting the days until the season four premiere.

Moore even sounded like one of those fans as she recapped the other loose ends and burning questions viewers were left with Tuesday night.

"Toby and Kate," she said name-checking the couple who don't seem to be much of a couple in the future. "But also Kevin having a kid, and who is he with? Like, what? He and Zoe are together, or are they, or what? What happens? Who’s the mom? Where is she? And definitely the Toby and Kate of it all, for sure."

The next season can't start soon enough!