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Would Kathy Hilton return to 'RHOBH' now that Lisa Rinna left? She tells us

Hilton called her former co-star the "biggest bully in Hollywood."
/ Source: TODAY

With 44 years of marriage, seven grandchildren and a second season of her Peacock reality show, it's safe to say that Kathy Hilton — to borrow her daughter Paris' vernacular — is "sliving" (slaying and living).

The entrepreneur and socialite is a reality star in her own right, as an integral part of "Paris in Love," whose second season drops on Peacock Nov. 30.

But this show isn't her first foray into reality TV. Real Bravoholics know Hilton held her own for two seasons of the long-running franchise "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," spanning from 2021 to 2022.

After a dramatic trip to Aspen, in which she clashed with fellow castmate Lisa Rinna, Hilton left the show following Season 12. Would she ever return, now that Rinna has left? She's open to it, Hilton says in an interview with

"If it made sense ... if they asked me," Hilton says. "Never say never."

She has positive feelings about her time on the show — up until the end, of course. "I have to tell you. I had a very good time. I had a blast. And you know that one unfortunate situation at the end," she says.

During an ill-fated trip to Aspen, Rinna said Hilton had a "meltdown." Rinna said, "I feel like I have seen the devil, and her name is Kathy Hilton.”

Rinna alleged Hilton spoke poorly about her younger half-sister Kyle Richards as well as other cast-members.

Speaking to one year later, Hilton seems to walk back the comments she made at the Season 12 reunion in 2022, where she declared Rinna the "biggest bully in Hollywood and everyone knows it.” She also called her "mean." (Rinna replied, seemingly sarcastically, "This is so sad.")

"I like Lisa, I like her," Hilton says a year later to

Generally speaking, she had a positive experience during her two season on the show.

"I had a really good time with the girls. We ate very well. Getting to spend that time with my sister (Kyle) during the pandemic. I felt very comfortable. If I wanted to wear makeup. I put some. If I didn’t, I didn’t. And I just I really enjoyed it," she said.

She emphasized that she wasn't being pushed by producers while filming "RHOBH."

"Nobody ever whispered in my ear. 'Say this', 'do this,' 'do that'," she said. "I’d never heard anybody say that to any of the other cast members. And even if the girls would have a little squabble 10 minutes later, laughing telling jokes. We had a great time."

Despite not being on the show in Season 13, Hilton has been mentioned multiple times by her fellow cast members.

When asked if she knows that she's still "living rent free" in their minds, she has a cheeky response.

"Yeah! And no paycheck!" she laughs.