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'Sweet Magnolias' recap: Everything to remember from Season 2

Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue sure live eventful lives.
Sweet Magnolias
It’s been 17 months since “Sweet Magnolias” Season Two first premiered. Netflix

We're headed back to Serenity, South Carolina, the setting of "Sweet Magnolias," which has just returned for its third season.

The Season Three trailer promises many new progressions for the show's trio of friends, Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) and Helen (Heather Headley).

In order to follow Season Three, it's best to catch up on the events from the prior season — and there were a lot. We're talking parentage secrets! Car accidents! Relationship breakups and makeups!

Don’t have time to rewatch Season Two before the next installment of episodes premieres? We've got you covered with a recap below.

We learn who got injured in that cliffhanger car accident

The Season One finale ends on a cliffhanger as Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) and Helen (Heather Headley) arrive at the scene of a car accident.

While Maddie initially believes her eldest son Ty (Carson Rowland) must have been driving, they soon learn that her youngest son Kyle (Logan Allen) was behind the wheel and is being transferred to the hospital. One mystery remains, however: Who was the passenger in the car? Was it Dana Sue's daughter Annie (Anneliese Judge)? Was it Ty? Was it Kyle's friend Nellie (Simone Lockhart)?

In the first episode of Season Two, we learn that it was Nellie and see both families at the hospital. Tensions are high and Nellie’s brother, Jackson (Sam Ashby), and Ty start to fight. When Jackson pushes Ty to the ground, he lands on his shoulder and fractures his arm. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but it’s his baseball pitching arm and his college goals are now at risk.

Kyle and Ty struggle with their recovery

Kyle seems pretty downtrodden after the car accident, and his slow recovery isn't helping. He eventually turns to an unlikely source — Noreen (Jamie Lynn Spears), with whom his dad had an affair — to feel better. Maddie is taken aback when she finds Noreen at her house one day, but the two talk and come to an understanding for Kyle's sake.

Meanwhile, Ty is having his own challenges after injuring his arm. He distances himself from his girlfriend CeCe (Harlan Drum) and feels as though he's lost his purpose now that he can't play baseball anymore. Their relationship suffers for it and they eventually drift apart.

New and old love blossoms for Dana Sue

At the onset of the season, Dana Sue's romance with Jeremy (Chase Anderson) the farmer is hot and heavy. Her estranged husband Ronnie (Brandon Quinn) is ever present in the background, however, and definitely wants to get back together.

Dana Sue realizes she needs to stay legally married to Ronnie so she can take out a second mortgage on her house so she doesn’t lose her restaurant. However, Helen offers up an alternate idea: Cal (Justin Bruening), her boyfriend, can invest in the restaurant and be her partner. This way, she’s not tied to Ronnie. Dana Sue is a bit surprised at first but later agrees.

Ronnie eventually wears down Dana Sue's defenses. They decide to give their marriage another try and Ronnie moves back home.

The couple's old problems didn't just disappear, though, and Ronnie suggests that they go to therapy to properly work things out.

Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue, who reconnects with her estranged husband Ronnie in Season 2.
Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue, who reconnects with her estranged husband Ronnie in Season 2.Netflix

Helen experiences both love and loss

Helen tells Maddie and Dana Sue that she's pregnant and doesn't plan to inform the father, her ex-boyfriend Ryan (Michael Shenefelt) because he made it pretty clear that he wasn't interested in starting a family with her.

Sadly, Helen has a miscarriage, but she finds comfort leaning on her friends and Erik (Dion Johnstone), with whom she's been flirting quite a bit.

As they grow closer, Erik reveals that he lost his wife and child years ago, and Helen says she wants to start her own family by turning to fertility treatments. She explains that she doesn't expect him to start a relationship with her while she's going through the process, but he's fully supportive of the idea.

Helen's ex Ryan returns at the end of the season and wants to talk to her. She's shocked when he says he has changed his mind and does want kids now. She doesn't mention the miscarriage.

Helen is floored when Ryan proposes to her all of a sudden and we're left to wonder what she says.

Sweet Magnolias
Heather Headley as Helen, who's involved in a love triangle at the end of Season 2.Netflix

Maddie sees another side of Cal ... and she isn’t thrilled

When his baseball team loses a big game, Cal loses his temper. Maddie and Ty, who are standing nearby, see his fit of rage and things get awkward, since she's in a relationship with Cal.

Over the course of the season, Maddie discovers that Cal has experienced anger management issues in the past, and she learns more about his ex, Victoria.

When the locals try to overthrow their mayor, his wife Mary Vaughn goes digging into Cal’s past and finds out that he once hit a former teammate, who was with his ex. Charges were never filed, but Mary Vaughn uses the information to convince the school council to fire Cal.

In the season finale, a man that Cal recently met an event shows up to Dana Sue’s restaurant. He’s all fired up after learning that Cal was fired. Cal tells him to calm down. Things escalate and Cal hits the man as he’s trying to protect Maddie, then police officers arrive.

Sweet Magnolias
JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend, who runs into roadblocks as she builds her relationship with Cal.Netflix

Isaac finds out who his parents are

After a long search for his birth parents, Isaac (Chris Medlin) finally gets some answers — but it's not necessarily the happy ending he'd envisioned.

As it turns out, Peggy (Brittany L. Smith) is his mother and Bill (Chris Klein) is his father.

When Helen and Isaac go to visit Peggy, she can't handle seeing him because she's so overwhelmed that he knows who she is. When they later meet for coffee, she explains that she simply needed to process the situation.

Peggy reveals Isaac was conceived during a high school trip, and that her mom made her give him up. She also never told Bill that she was pregnant.

The change prompts Peggy to introduce Isaac to Bill after all these years. Bill asks him to leave. A defiant Peggy stands by her son.

Bill tells Maddie the news and she doesn't take it well.

Annie, Jackson, Kyle and Nellie get closer

Following the car accident, Dana Sue's daughter Annie gets close to Nellie's brother, Jackson. He soon asks Dana Sue for her blessing to date Annie and she obliges, with some ground rules put in place.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Nellie seem to be hitting it off and romance is blooming. However, when Nellie and Jackson's mom Mary Vaughn (Allison Gabriel) starts fighting with Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue, she forbids her children from having anything to do with the Sweet Magnolias' kids.

A defiant Jackson decides to sneak around so he can still see Annie, though.

Noreen gives birth to a baby girl

Noreen goes into labor and has a baby girl named Rebecca. She then tells Bill that she intends to give their daughter her own last name. Maddie visits her at the hospital and says she'd like to move towards forgiveness.

Earlier in the season, Isaac invited Noreen to come live with him and she decides to stay after her baby is born.

The town says goodbye to Miss Frances

Miss Frances (Cindy Karr), who was always close with Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue, dies suddenly and the town honors her. Dana Sue learns that Miss Frances left her a hefty sum of money in her will.

A new character is introduced in the finale

The season finale sets the stage for future drama in Season Three as Annie runs into an unfamiliar face while she's out for a walk. She asks if Annie is Dana Sue's daughter and when Annie says yes, the stranger offers up a snarky and insulting response.

A social media video shows this same stranger slashing the tire on Dana Sue's van and Maddie says, "Oh no, she's back."